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Norah Pierson 1940 - 2007

Norah Pierson 1940 - 2007
In the late sixties, Norah Pierson, just back from studying art and jewelry making in Italy, began an apprenticeship with master jeweler Joseph Nolen in Laguna Beach, California. In 1971 she opened her own custom jewelry store, The Golden Eye. She was very successful and built a strong following but decided that Laguna Beach was getting too big for her. She moved to Santa Fe, reopening her store in June 1984. When she arrived in Santa Fe she hired Amy Bertelli to be her store manager. For twenty-three years, Norah and Amy made beautiful jewelry together and trained a growing support staff. Norah's dream store had become a reality. Sadly, in June of 2007, Norah passed away unexpectedly, leaving her shop and all her designs in the hands of her manager Amy Bertelli. The Golden Eye's loyal team of bench jewelers and sales associates are upholding the legacy of Norah Pierson's distinctive designs and finishes. We continue to offer exquisite jewelry, from the golden oldies to newly inspired designs, all hand made by our highly skilled team in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Silvio Mazzarese

Silvio Mazzarese
Silvio Mazzarese was born in Tunisia to a family of Italian jewelers. His father and uncle had a jewelry store in Tunis, and then in Rome.
His family moved to Nice, France where Silvio went to jewelry school.
In 1982 he moved to the United States.
He honed his skills in Kansas City and San Francisco before falling in love with the beauty, open spaces, and people of New Mexico.
Silvio became a member of The Golden Eye family where he was influenced by Norah Pierson's opulent, old world aesthetic for over ten years. He continued to work with The Golden Eye until 2008.
He and his family now live in Vermont. He continues to provide The Golden Eye with his iconic designs.

Falk Burger

Falk Burger
"To create objects that touch the soul, an intensely personal object, is one of the major aims of my work."

The Golden Eye is very pleased to be representing the work of artist Falk Burger. Falk was born in Germany and was educated in Colorado. He apprenticed there under R. Scott Ver Lee and Jens Bisgaard of Gusterman Silversmiths. Falk began producing and selling his own work more than thirty years ago; his pieces have been represented in galleries in New York, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts and New Mexico and have been shown at the Denver Art Museum, Worcester Crafts Center in Massachusetts, and the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington. The jewelry he creates is powerful, raw, and magical. The centerpiece of these creations is usually an exceptional stone that Falk has mined and cut to enhance its natural beauty. Working with rough cut diamonds, iridescent andradite garnets, or Mexican fire opals, the gems seem to ignite from their settings of high karat gold and sterling silver.

Sharon Sorken

Sharon Sorken
"Prior to moving to Santa Fe, I lived in Westchester County, New York working as a knitwear designer for Artyarns, a luxury yarn company. My recent move to Santa Fe has both impressed and inspired me with the exciting and creative work on display by the many local artisans. I have now become interested in designing beaded jewelry, especially crochet bead work. There is no limit to the colors, textures, materials, and designs that I am able to work with. Along with the many types of beads I use, I enjoy working with 24kt gold plated beads, and stones such as tourmaline, sapphire, and ruby. Some of my jeweled patterns are based on nature, including patterns that are
inspired by snakes in the area. I feel fortunate to be able to do the work that I love and to have it shown at The Golden Eye."

Ear-rangements > Drops

Golden Beryl Moondrops

Brilliant golden beryls are bezeled in 18kt gold and punctuated with gold beads and white diamonds .06 ctw.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops.
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Stellar Golden Beryl Drops

The very best in bling! Shimmering golden beryls 6.75 ctw. reign from the center of peachy bezel set spessartine garnets 2.43 ctw...flashing sea foam demantoid garnets .14 ctw. anchor juicy orange garnet teardrops .64 ctw., all in satiny 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our large Narrow Beaded Hoops.
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Congolese Citrine Wands

These graceful 18kt gold wands exude a rich golden glow.

Approximate length:1.25"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops.
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Simple South Sea Pearl Drops

Our Simple South Sea Pearl Drops are just what you need for that golden glow.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our white Diamond Pave Hoops.
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South Sea Pearl and Diamond Fern Drops

A particularly golden set of South Sea pearls reside beneath twinkling white diamonds .10 ctw. and lacy 18kt gold ferns.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our large diamond Cypress Hoops.
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Reuleaux Triangle Drops

Try our curvy little triangles of golden perfection in 18kt gold with white diamonds .10 ctw.

Also shown in ruby.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our Scallop Hoops.
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South Sea Pearl Scroll Drops

Instant polish is the main advantage of these palatial drops. Golden South Sea pearls 10 mm are suspended from our 18kt gold Scroll Drops embellished with bright white diamonds .28 ctw.

Shown on our diamond Cypress Hoops.
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Majesta Sapphire Clusters

Exotic, dramatic, and glamorous...cascading golden sapphire beads are set with micro pave diamond beads and bright white diamonds in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.5" (Shoulder dusters!)

Shown on our white diamond Large Cypress Hoops.
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Sea Urchin Earrings

Highly refined 18kt gold earrings inspired by the texture of a sea urchin.

Approximate size: .875" x .625"

Harvest Goddess Earrings

The 18kt Harvest Goddess earrings are based on an East Indian Amulet.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Wild Horse Earrings

Inspired by ancient Greek coins depicting horses, these 18kt gold earrings embody the majesty of this archetypal symbol.

Approximate diameter: .625"

Owl Earrings

These sophisticated earrings are an 18kt reproduction of the Greek Athena coin.

Approximate diameter: .75"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit the Santa Fe Raptor Center.

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"

Hawk Earrings

These 18kt Hawk Earrings, rendered in exquisite detail, are modeled after designs found in Egyptian iconography.

Approximate size: .625" x 1.25"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit The Wildlife Center.

Royston Turquoise and Moonstone Earrings

The perfect earrings for the quintessential Southwestern glamor girl...beautiful specimens of Royston turquoise bezel set in 18kt gold with glittering, beaded moonstones hinged in between.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Water Maiden Earrings

Evans turquoise in soft blue with a sepia matrix is paired with faceted moonstones and Australian gaspeite, and bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Double Petal Yangtze River Pearl Earrings

Non-stop luminescence in the soft tones of a Hawaiian sunset will suffuse your visage with loveliness. Natural Yangtze river pearls are finished in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.75"

Splash Earrings

An 18kt splash of warmth to highlight your assets. Organic, effortless, and very flattering.

Approximate diameter: .5"

Retro Chic Sugilite Earrings

Gem quality sugilite and smithsonite contrasted with deep green jade are bezel set against a textured backdrop of 18kt gold, fitted with a post clip.

Approximate size: 1" W x .75" L

Beaded Flower Studs

You will find so many occasions to wear this lovely pair of 18kt gold earrings...they are guaranteed to accent your beauty!

Approximate length: .5"

Kite Studs with Diamonds

Perfect earrings for everyday wear, these 18kt gold studs sport bright white center diamonds.

Approximate size: .25"

Jewelry Info

Rose Cut Gems

Rose Cut Gems
The term "rose cut" is heard more and more often when describing gemstones utilized in the jewelry industry. The Golden Eye has been using this cut for many years
What exactly is rose cut? It is a method of faceting gemstones so that the base of the stone is wide and flat with no facets; the top of the stone is domed and cut with triangular facets. These facets mimic the progressively tighter spiral of a rose, hence the name.

Most rose cuts are round, oval, or pear-shaped, but jewelers are experimenting with a variety of creative designs.

The rose cut was first introduced in the 16th century. A century later the cut had gained great acceptance and the facet arrangements became less random. Variations were based on multiples of six; six faceted roses, eighteen faceted roses, and the full rose, which consists of eighteen facets and then an upper tier of six facets.

The brilliant cut supplanted the rose cut in the 19th century but the rose cut returned at the turn of the 20th century, when the inspiration from Baroque styles drove jewelry designs. It once again fell from favor after 1910 when styles moved toward Art Deco.

For almost a century the rose cut was in retirement, but has reemerged with great momentum. Once used primarily for diamonds, the cut lends itself to many other gemstones. The look of the rose cut is softer and somewhat more natural looking than traditional faceted stones. Paired with 18kt or 22kt gold, a rose cut gem can become a timeless piece of jewelry.

Please visit our website to view many examples of rose cut jewelry.

Opal and Tourmaline

Opal and Tourmaline
Water, sky, fire, and rainbows. All these elements of nature seem to be embodied in the magnificent opal.

It is October's birthstone.

The Australian aborigines tell the story of the Creator coming down to earth from heaven on a rainbow to bring the message of peace to humans. Where his feet touched the ground, it became alive with opalescent color.

It is a fact that 95% of the world's opals are mined in the outback of Australia.

Opals are composed of a mineraloid gel, a mineral-like substance that does not demonstrate crystallinity as most gems do. It is deposited in rock fissures, such as limonite, sandstone or basalt. The small spheres of gel cause interference and refraction manifestations, resulting in the unique color play of the opal.

The opal is made up of at least 3% water, but can have a water content as high as 20%. It can become brittle when stored dry, and the color play may pale when exposed to heat for a long period. It is best to wear your opals regularly. They need to absorb the humidity from the air and the skin. They are rated a 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale, not very hard. Caution is needed in order to avoid stress and abrasion to the stone.

The tourmaline is also recognized as a birthstone for October. It may be a good alternative for the person who wants to wear their jewelry a little harder . The tourmaline is 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a very durable stone.

The word tourmaline means "stone with mixed color." They are found in nature in virtually every hue of the rainbow, often with multiple colors in the same stone. The watermelon tourmaline, with three distinct colors, is one of the most fascinating specimens.

Mined mainly in Brazil and Africa, tourmaline is one of the most utilized stones in jewelry today. Rubellite describes a deep red tourmaline, Paraiba, an intense blue green, and Canary, a golden yellow. No two tourmalines are exactly alike, making them a perfect choice for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Legend has classified the tourmaline as the stone of love and friendship, rendering them firm and lasting.


Golden Bean Necklace

A lucky 18kt golden bean is paired with oxidized sterling silver beads and 18kt gold spacers, on a bronze leather cord.

Approximate length: 17"

Queen of Diamonds Pendant

Kick off a winning streak with a rose cut golden diamond 1.84 cts. surrounded by 22kt gold beads and white diamond melee .12 ctw., finished in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Diamond Hummingbird Pendant

A golden hummingbird hovers within a spray of shimmering white diamonds .15 ctw., in 18kt gold.

Chain sold separately.
See chains


Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Luxurious golden South Sea pearls set with VS1 diamonds .81 ctw...These dreamy earrings are a one-of-a-kind creation by multiple award-winning Santa Fe artist, Ryan Roberts.

Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Dazzling rose cut grey diamond slices, a total of 9.14 cts are set in 18kt gold with 1.05 cts of bright white diamond accents in these dramatic earrings.

Chrysocolla Earrings

Designed and created for Elizabeth Taylor by Norah Pierson, these striking earrings sold at auction through Christie's in 2011.

Opal Earrings

The deep blue of the Caribbean swirls through these stunning opal earrings. The stones are set in 18kt gold and punctuated with bright white diamonds .18 ctw.

Tiered Opal Earrings

These stunning 18kt gold and boulder opal earrings were custom designed and created by Norah Pierson for Elizabeth Taylor. They were sold at auction, through Christie's in 2011.

Diamond Earrings

Palatial rose cut diamond earrings custom designed by the superbly talented Norah Pierson!

Color Burst Earrings

A perfect pairing for the Azalea ring. These earrings were custom made with multicolor sapphires and diamonds to create an exotic allure.

Moonstone Waterfall Earrings

An absolutely stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featuring translucent rainbow moonstones 18.9 ctw. in articulated bezel settings accented with diamonds .30 ctw.

Queen Turquoise Earrings

These fabulous 18kt earrings are made of highly coveted turquoise from the Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona that has been closed to mining since 1975. The mine is, however, open for tours!

Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings

This stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featurse matched blue chalcedony cabochons accented with brilliant white diamonds.

Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings

Lustrous and luminous, these one of a kind Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings reflect spectacular peacock blues and purples...set in 18kt gold.

Grey Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Just how sexy and opulent can a girl be? That question is answered right here, right now. Smoky grey diamonds 4.99 ctw. accented with effervescent white diamonds .66 ctw., all beaded and bezeled in 18kt gold...they will leave you bewitched, bedazzled, and bewildered!

Approximate length: 2"

Opal Earrings

Deep cobalt blue Australian boulder opals set in 22kt gold are hinged beneath flashing blue moonstones.

Boulder Opal Earrings

Spectacular boulder opals are set in a one-of-a kind design in 18kt gold by Norah Pierson. Unbelievable color, fire and luster in these stones!

Snake Chain and Ashanti Cross

The Golden Eye’s Ashanti Cross, rendered in sterling silver, 22kt gold, and citrine, is a perfect foil for Sharon Sorken's snake necklace. Sorken's piece is hand-crocheted with Japanese Miyuki beads made from palladium, 24kt gold plate, and black glass, elegantly finished with 22kt gold clasp and end caps.

Beaded chain length: 16"
Ashanti Cross approximate size 1.5 x 1.5

Ambrosia Necklace

The Ambrosia Necklace is all about abundance...rose cut sapphires 52.96 ctw. in soft, translucent tones are bezel set in 18kt gold...golden kites adorned with beads and twinkling diamonds .48 ctw. add an ultra-feminine touch.

Approximate length: 16"

Mabe Pearl Necklace

Designed by Norah Pierson, a shimmering mabe pearl is set in 18kt gold with white diamonds .26 ctw. An iridescent moonstone glows at the bottom.

Approximate size: 1.75 x 1.25"

The pendant is suspended on an 18" strand of white pearls, small golden pearls, apatite, and gold beads.


Golden Sapphire Cabochon Ring Medium

A luminous golden sapphire 2.04 cts. is bezel set in sumptuous 22kt gold.

Golden Zircon Ring

From the Knights of the Round Table comes a one-of-a-kind ring in 22kt gold...a rare golden zircon cabochon flanked by mulberry zircons and andradite garnets, with shimmering white diamonds peeking out from charming rococo embellishments.

Honeycomb Ring

A most spectacular 51.46 ct., honey-colored, golden beryl is the center of this intricate ring designed by Amy Bertelli.
The sides of the honeycomb are embellished with buzzing little bees and andradite garnets.
Created in 18kt and 22kt gold, it is currently a size 6.

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