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Sage Sapphire Sea Serpent Cuff

If you've ever doubted that we are your one-stop-shop for exotic, lavish jewelry, doubt no more. The 18kt gold Sea Serpent Cuff with its exquisite detail and sage sapphire eyes is a wonder to behold.

Also available with different gemstone choices (price may vary).

Ear-rangements > Drops

Sapphire Grande Woven Heart Drops

Our 18kt gold Sapphire Grande Woven Heart Drops will work just as well for a tailgate party as for a candlelight and crystal affair...shimmering sapphire briolettes 12 ctw. and bright white diamonds .16 ctw. do the trick!

Approximate length: 1.5"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops.
see hoop options

Sapphire and Diamond Floreale Drops

Bountiful pulchritude never goes out of style...our lush 18kt gold Floreale Drops with elegant sapphire briolettes 14.73 ctw. and shining white diamonds .16 ctw. invite you to indulge.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Shown on our Large Diamond Cypress Hoops.
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Pink Sapphire Spears

Get a little night fever with our dazzling Pink Sapphire Spears in sterling silver with 22kt gold bails.

Approximate length: 2.75"

Shown on our Ribbon Hoops.
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Sapphire Grande Horseshoe Drops

Our 18kt gold Sapphire .70 ctw. Grande Horseshoe Drops are just what you need for a dash of sophistication.

Approximate length: .5"

Shown on our Sea Serpent Hoops.
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Majesta Sapphire Clusters

Exotic, dramatic, and glamorous...cascading golden sapphire beads 43.41 ctw. are set with micro pave diamond beads and bright white diamonds .24 ctw. in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.5" (Shoulder dusters!)

Shown on our Large Diamond Cypress Hoops.
see hoop options


Sea Urchin Earrings

Highly refined 18kt gold earrings inspired by the texture of a sea urchin.

Approximate size: .875" x .625"

Harvest Goddess Earrings

The 18kt Harvest Goddess earrings are based on an East Indian Amulet.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Wild Horse Earrings

Inspired by ancient Greek coins depicting horses, these 18kt gold earrings embody the majesty of this archetypal symbol.

Approximate diameter: .625"

Owl Earrings

These sophisticated earrings are an 18kt reproduction of the Greek Athena coin.

Approximate diameter: .75"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"

Hawk Earrings

These 18kt Hawk Earrings, rendered in exquisite detail, are modeled after designs found in Egyptian iconography.

Approximate size: .625" x 1.25"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Jewelry Info


When is a sapphire not a sapphire? When it's red, because then it's a ruby!

Both gemstones are a variety of corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, a mineral second in hardness only to diamond.

Known in Sanskrit as Ratnaraj, the king of gems, rubies have been a treasured gemstone for centuries. The first reference of the stone dates back to 200 B.C., from the literature of the northern Silk Road where they were transported from China to Persia.

Rubies have been used throughout history to adorn the armor, scabbards, harnesses, and crowns of nobles, kings, and queens. Until the 20th century, the ruby was thought to be more valuable than the diamond. It is the birthstone for July and the symbol for love, vivacity, power, and passion.

Rubies are found in Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Montana, North and South Carolina, and under the ice shelf in Greenland.

Burma has always been known as the source of the deep pigeon blood ruby, the most prized color in the ruby world. However, due to the Burmese government's atrocious human rights record, Congress passed the Block Burmese JADE Act in October of 2008. Although the U.S. did have a ban on the trade of Burmese gems, this measure closed an important loophole that had allowed the import of Burmese gems via third countries, such as India.

The sapphire, most commonly known as a deep blue gemstone, actually has a fascinating range of color. Almost every color of the rainbow exists naturally in sapphires. A rare color-change sapphire exhibits blue in natural light and a violet-purple in artificial light.

Some stones contain inclusions of small rutile needles that exhibit a property called asterism. This effect produces the "star sapphire, displayed only in a cabochon cut, and can have six to twelve rays emanating from its center.

The finest specimens of sapphire were mined in Kashmir, Northern India in the late 1800's to about 1920. Today they are imported from Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and are found in Montana and North Carolina.

September is the month of the sapphire. In legend and folklore the stone is said to work as an anti-depressant and act as an aid in telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection. So whether you are feeling a bit down, want to know what's going on, or feel the need to get the heck off the planet, a piece of sapphire jewelry might be just what you need!


Rose Cut Brown Diamond Drops

The light that is generated from these rose cut brown diamonds 8.66 ctw. is hypnotic! Set in 18kt gold and embellished with white diamonds, these heart-shaped beauties can not be topped.

Approximate size: .875"H x .625"W

see hoop options

Roman Coin Bracelet

Five ancient bronze Roman coins are set in 22kt gold and complemented with a rose cut red ruby. Additional rubies and diamonds enhance the hand made clasp.
Total length: 8"

Elemental Swing

Designed by the inimitable Norah Pierson, this 18kt gold ring boasts a 33.67 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline, two swinging Tanzanite teardrops, artful white pave diamonds .26 ctw., and strategically placed rubies .36 ctw.

Current size 8. May be sized 7-9

Bombay Sapphire Ring

An Art Deco marvel, our Bombay Sapphire Ring is superbly built in 18kt gold with a cornflower blue sapphire 4.49 cts., white diamonds .08 ctw., and fine granulation.

Gitane Multi-colored Sapphire Hoops

Oh my Goddess! The Gitane Multi-colored Sapphire Hoops are extraordinarily alluring...18kt gold hoops adorned with gold beads and fourteen sparkling sapphire briolettes in a watercolor palette.

Approximate size: 1.5"L x 1"W

Rose Cut Sapphire Bracelet

Sixty-nine carats of rose cut pink sapphires are linked together with 22kt and 18kt gold for a sumptuous bracelet. A green sapphire and a chysoberyl are added for extra depth.

Approximate length: 7"


Duck Ring

He'll just swim right into your heart! Norah Pierson's carved duck ring is available in sterling silver and can be ordered in 18kt gold.

Ara Stacking Bands

These stacking bands are made by Ara, a handcraft studio in Turkey. They are made from oxidized sterling silver and 24kt gold, available in a variety of stones...wearable, chic, and very fun to mix and match with Golden Eye rings.

Annie Alligator Ring

Annie Alligator is handcrafted from 18kt gold and has dazzling opal eyes. She is sure to amuse and enchant the wearer.

Current size: 5

Bi-color Sapphire Coil Band

The sleek lines of our 18kt gold Coil Band provide an exotic canvas for an unusual purple-pink sapphire baguette accented with a pink tourmaline, a purple sapphire, a white diamond and bright green tsavorite garnets.

Sapphire Freyja Ring

A rich blue sapphire 1.28 cts. with a checkerboard cut is bezeled in 18kt gold and flanked with four rows of beads. White gold is used to underscore the advantage of sparkling white diamonds .16 ctw.

Sapphire and Diamond Guinevere Band

One of our most romantic bands, this one features a regal combination of glittering blue sapphires .38 ctw. and white diamonds .12 ctw.

Archer's Band

The Archer's Band conjures up images of Diana the Huntress, the ancient goddess common to all Latin tribes. Slaves could receive asylum in her temple, and she was regarded with great reverence. William Marston,the creator of Wonder Woman, used the Diana myths as an inspiration for his groundbreaking female superhero. But, we digress...glittering green and purple sapphires 2.57 ctw. and brilliant white diamonds .06 ctw. are set in a rich 22kt gold band of heroic proportions.

Star Sapphire and Diamond Be Mine Ring

Light glimmers from within a dusky blue sapphire 1.66 cts. bezeled in 18kt gold, held aloft by a gold shank paved with rows of gleaming white diamonds .06 ctw.

Quazar Sapphire Ring

Our Quazar ring is set with a brilliant pink trillion sapphire in the center. The side stones are pink, purple and blue sapphires.

Current size: 6

Black Star Sapphire Signet Ring

Molly Burger's signet rings..the new must have collectible...this version is made with a black star sapphire 2.75 cts. in the de rigeur 18kt gold setting.

Star Sapphire Frog in a Pond Ring

A moonlit black star sapphire provides a watering hole for a little 18kt gold frog in this charming ring.

Rings > Gallery of Stacks

Bombay High Rise

Living large with attitude! The Bombay High Rise is a glorious combination of sparkle and color in 18kt white gold, platinum, 18kt yellow gold and 22kt yellow gold.

From top:

ON019 Fat Diamond Platinum Eternity Band $5400
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1800
RC391S Bombay Sapphire and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring $10,650 SOLD
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1800
R1052a-1 White Diamond 18kt White Gold Vesta Band $2965

Tower of Power

An over-the-top stack for the very long-fingered, the Tower of Power has it all. Opals, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds in a combination of 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and 24kt gold...a combination that brings to mind the glory of the Renaissance.

From top:

R1226 Venetian Tide 22kt Gold Granulated Band $1385
RC420 Black Opal 22kt Gold Ring SOLD
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2800
RR0102-2a Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1800
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2260
GEARA41 Emerald 22kt Gold Band $1625 SOLD
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2800
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band $1540
R1035f Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths $1485

Please inquire for prices and availability.

Raindrop Stack

The gentle cheer of spring rain comes to life in this glistening pastel stack-up.

From top:

ION018 White Diamond Platinum Eternity Band $2250
RC476 Blue Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $1750 SOLD
RC468 Pink Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $1495 SOLD
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200
RC470 Blue Star Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $1800
ION016 Natural Pink Diamond Platinum Eternity Band $2925
RC469 Pink Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $1495

Gateau Stack-Up

Creamy layers of 18kt rose and yellow gold are accentuated with twinkling diamonds and a sweet pink sapphire.

From top:

RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Eternity Band $2200
R1053R White Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Venus Band $2160
RC469 Pink Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Band $1495 SOLD
RR1053 White Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2160
RR0102 Cognac Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200

The Fempire Stack

An earthy mix of glowy browns and golds accented with twinkling white diamonds. Our Facebook fans helped us out with the name of this stack!

From top:

RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200
R1036L Roman Tile 18kt Gold Band $1530
RC546 Golden Sheen 18kt Gold Sapphire Band SOLD
RR1217 Diamond and 22kt gold Anjelica Band $2350
RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2100

Alexandria Stack

Exotic colors and textures celebrate the intermingling of cultures and the universal language of beauty.

From top:

RC461 Green Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band $2400 SOLD
GEARA8 ARA Oxidized Silver 24kt Gold Ruby Band $900
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band $1540
R1052 Brown Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2235
R1024 Lines 18kt Gold Variety Band $545

Sugar Stack

When a girl has a sweet tooth, this stack should do the trick!

From top:

R1052A White Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2900
RR0102A White Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band $2200
RC398 White diamond 18kt Gold Freyja Band $6380
RR0102A White Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band $2200
R1052A White Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2900

Billboard Stack

So stunning, we put it on a billboard!

From top:

R1052 White Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2800
RC500 Ruby and Diamond 18kt gold Be Mine Ring $2800
ION59 Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Eternity Band $3150
R1189 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2660
R1024 Piecrust 18kt Gold Band $545
RC506 Gem Silica Chrysocolla and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $1840
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200
R1063 Diamond 18kt Gold Low Tide Ring $2300

Price: $18,195.00

Persepolis Stack

The finest elements of ancient culture converge in our Persepolis Stack.

From top:

ION014 Paraiba Tourmaline and Platinum Eternity Band $3150
RR1217 Diamond 22kt Gold Anjelica Band $2350
RC475 Persian Turquoise 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $930 SOLD
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200
ION017 Emerald Platinum Eternity Band $2475
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2260

Ottoman Stack

The Sultanate of Women (1520-1650) was a time of empowerment for high-ranking women of the Ottoman Empire...the ornate, luxurious, and colorful attire of the time would've been a perfect fit for our vibrant stack, rank notwithstanding!

From top:

RR1230 Knife Edge 18kt Gold Band $385
ION79 Black Diamond and Platinum Eternity Band $1350
RC474 Andradite Garnet and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring $4600
GEARA52 ARA Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Ruby Band $900
RC460 Bi-Color Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band $2860

Victoriana Stack

A delightful romp with pomp...glittering diamonds and a very fine ruby cabochon make a pact in 18kt gold.

From Top:

R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band $1355
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band $545
RC490 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Starburst Ring $4250 SOLD
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band $545
R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band $1355

Wedding Rings

Pink Sapphire Guinevere Band

Regal and evocative, the 18kt gold Pink Sapphire Guinevere Band with white diamonds .12 ctw. stacks beautifully or shines brightly on its own.

Available with other gemstones (prices will vary).

Flat Coil Band with Diamonds

A simple 18kt gold band with a bit of an Art Deco flair. The coil band has .10 cts. of white diamonds.

Diamond Roman Tile II Band

The Roman Tile II Band features a light brown diamond crystal .36 cts. that perfectly mirrors the pattern of the 18kt gold band...this is a classic, refined look that "puts the statement in understatement".

Peach Sapphire Be Mine Ring

A tawny peach sapphire 1.98 cts. is bezeled and shanked in 18kt gold and dusted with pave white diamonds .06 ctw. for over-the-top loveliness.

Waterstack Band

Go with the flow with our Waterstack Band, a set of five 18kt rings.

Artemis Band

Ten shimmering diamonds .20 ctw. encircle our 18kt gold Artemis Band, great for stacking and substantial enough for a stand alone.

Coil Band

The 18kt gold Coil Band is a stylized geometric spiral, simple and elegant.

Double Anjelica Band

Two lush rows of beads and white diamonds .32 ctw. make a grand impression in our 22kt gold Double Anjelica Band.

Diamond Vesta Band

One of our most revered designs, the Diamond Vesta Band .80 ctw. is substantial enough to stand alone and is also a strong performer in a stack-up. This ring can be made in 18kt yellow, rose, or white gold and set with white or brown diamonds (prices will vary).

Shown with 18kt gold Pie Crust Variety Bands (sold separately).
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