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The item Pink Tourmaline Cabochon 22kt Gold Ring is currently unavailable.



23kt Gold Bangles

These classic Thai bangles are made of 23kt gold.

Worn alone or in multiples, they harmonize beautifully with every style.

The bangles are priced by weight. Please contact us for sizing and price information.

Silk Roads III Bracelet

Our Silk Roads III bracelet is fashioned from 22kt gold, oxidized sterling silver, tourmaline, sapphire and ancient coins (Azes - 35 B.C. - SWAT Valley; Azes II - 35 B.C.; Hephthadite - 5th to 6th century; Kushan King 2nd century A.D.; Kushan King - 55 A.D., Vima Takto 35 B.C.-55 A.D.) wearing will make you feel like you're on an ancient Roman holiday!

Approximate length: 8.25"

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Watermelon Tourmaline Slices

Stormy gray and pink color zones provide a striking backdrop... or stand alone as a crystal love letter from Mother Nature (Geranium Drops sold separately).

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Small Brown Diamond .48 ctw. Pave Hoops (sold separately).
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Green Tourmaline Nissa Drops

Light-filled tourmalines .90 ctw. in a compelling shade of Persian green are mounted in an 18kt gold aegis, sign of the peaceful warrior.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Small Pyrite Hoops.
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Green Tourmaline Triangle Drops

Rich green tourmalines .90 ctw. shimmer seductively in the midst of twinkling white diamonds .28 ctw. in our 18kt gold Triangle Drops.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our Small White Diamond .36 ctw. Pave Hoops (sold separately).
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Blush Tourmaline and Diamond Fern Drops

Stunning, blush tourmalines are a sublime accompaniment to our 18kt gold Fern Drops with twinkling diamonds .06 ctw.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Small Galaxy Hoops (sold separately).
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Green Tourmaline Starbright Drops

The deep velvet presence of forest green tourmalines finds a worthy match in our 18kt gold Starbright Drops set with glimmering white diamonds .18 ctw.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Small White Diamond .28 ctw. Cypress Hoops (sold separately).
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Mixed Metal Lantern Drops

Sterling and oxidized silver lend a tribal look to rounded lanterns set with rose cut diamonds and finished in 22kt gold...graceful woven hearts in 18kt gold keep the sparkle going with flickering white diamonds.

Approximate length: 1.5"

Shown on our Large Plain Hoops (sold separately).
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Sunburst Drops with Blue Zircons

Fun and fabulous! The Sunburst Drops are cast in sterling silver with 18kt gold beads and bails. This pair is set with clear blue zircons and diamonds (available with other center stones; price will vary).
Also available with green peridot, golden beryl, pink tourmaline, or citrine.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our Large Pyrite Hoops.
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Mixed Metal Frame Drum Drops

Oxidized silver and 22kt gold team up to make a fine pair of tribal drops, suitable for layering, as shown with our 18kt gold Jingle Dangles, or for wearing alone.

Approximate diameter (medium size): 1"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops II (sold separately).
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Ear-rangements > Hoops

Hinged Gold Hoops

Just what you were looking easy pair of 18kt gold matte hinged hoops to wear alone or combine with our drops.

Approximate diameter: .5"


Peruvian Opal Studs

Perfect little ovals of Caribbean green 1.19 ctw. are bezeled in 22kt gold and backed in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: .25"


Black Diamond and Gold Necklace

Perfect for day into night, ARA is the source of this stellar necklace made from shimmering black diamond beads and 24kt gold pear-shaped beads, clasped with a golden shepherd's hook finished with a tiny black diamond.

Approximate length: 18"

Ruby Beaded Necklace

Three strands of arresting magenta ruby beads are interspersed with 22kt gold flowers and discs...finished with 18kt gold beehive tips and our iconic 18kt gold Sea Serpent toggle clasp...who could ask for anything more?

Approximate length: 16"

Umba Sapphire Necklace

River sapphires in shades of raisin, gold, and sea foam are finely wire wrapped in 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold.

Adjustable length: 18-20"

Apatite and Vasonite Necklace

Caribbean blue apatite and beach glass-green vasonite are bezeled in 22kt gold and linked together with an 18kt gold adjustable chain, resulting in a veritable deluge of color.

Approximate length: 16-18"


Jelly Bean & Egg Pendants

Adorn yourself with scrumptious Jelly Bean & Nest Egg Pendants hung on silky 18kt gold bails from Harmony Spark. The White Moonstone Nest Egg, Tahitian Pearl,and Aquamarine Jelly Bean pendants are shown on a signature 18kt gold 30" chain, all sold separately.

Approximate length 1.25" - .75"

HS101 White Moonstone Nest Egg Pendant - SOLD
HS103 Tahitian Pearl Pendant - SOLD
HS107 Aquamarine Jelly Bean Pendant - Call for Pricing
HS104 18kt Gold Chain Necklace 30" - Call for Pricing

Shaka Coin Pendant

This is an 18kt gold Shaka Coin replica; the original coin dates from the 4th century, from a kingdom that was located in present day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and western India.

One side bears the image of a king, presumably Shaka, and the other side depicts Ardoxsho, Goddess of Abundance. The pendant is bezeled, beaded, and bailed in 22kt gold...the king side is embellished with regal red spinels .89 ctw...the Ardoxsho side, with radiant blue moonstones 1.2 ctw.

Chain sold separately.
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Pixie Turquoise Triangle Pendant

From the Pixie Mine in Nevada comes an exceptional piece of turquoise with enough character to inspire generations of admiration...bezeled in 22kt gold with gold beads and a generous bail.

Approximate dimensions: L 2.75" x W 2.25"

Chain sold separately.
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A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Demantoid Garnet Vertebra Pendant

Is it a manta ray, an angel or is it a...vertebrae? A glittering green garnet .46 cts. and a soft pink cabochon sapphire .26 cts. are set in satiny 18kt gold for a distinctive bauble.

Approximate length: 1"

Chain sold separately.
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Over the Rainbow Quartz Pendant

If you have a taste for the eccentric, a love for the unusual, and an appreciation for the whimsical, our Over the Rainbow Quartz Pendant will speak to you...a thick slab of quartz reveals happy soap bubble colors from within an opulent, stippled 22kt gold frame crowned with gold beads and fitted with a generous bail.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Chain sold separately.
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Rubellite Ashanti Cross

The illustrious 18kt gold Ashanti Cross never looked better... dressed in a succulent cabochon rubellite tourmaline, and graced with scintillating white diamonds .60 ctw.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Chain sold separately.
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Opal Hummingbird Moth

Enthralling swatches of red, orange, purple, gold, and green swirl beneath the tortoise shell surface of our Ethiopian Hydrophane Hummingbird Moth Pendant 19 ctw...this beauty is topped and tailed with scarlet sapphires, tsavorite garnets, and white diamonds, and bezeled in luxurious 22kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Chain sold separately.
See chains


Turquoise Table Ring

Stand back, friends, because this is over-the-top fabulous! A stately piece of Chinese turquoise with dramatic black matrix is set in satiny 18kt gold with a cleverly distressed faux finish...the grace note is a row of whispery white diamonds .03 ctw.

Rose Cut Sapphire Necklace

A singular treasure... 107 carats of rose cut sapphires are decadently wrapped in 22kt gold...their colors range from soft pink to aqua blue, to honey gold. The handcrafted toggle clasp is so artful it can be worn in front.

Gold Hoops

These 18kt gold hoops were custom designed and created by Norah Pierson for Elizabeth Taylor. They sold at auction through Christie's in 2011.

Rose Cut Sapphire Bracelet

Sixty-nine carats of rose cut pink sapphires are linked together with 22kt and 18kt gold for a sumptuous bracelet. A green sapphire and a chysoberyl are added for extra depth.

Approximate length: 7"

Natural Diamond Beads

Five extravagant strands of grey, white, pink, yellow and green natural diamonds 140 ctw. are accented with 18kt gold beads and a handmade 18kt gold toggle clasp.

The Elizabeth Ring

YOU have to guess which Elizabeth! A buttery, oval sapphire 4.04 ctw., brimming with old world charm, is flanked by two tangerine sapphires .04 ctw...sugary white diamonds .41 ctw. are wrapped around the bezel and shank for a palatial finish.

Multi-Stone Bracelet

A rainbow of colored gemstones makes for a bright and beautiful bracelet. Tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, and moonstone are set in 18kt gold, and a slice of watermelon tourmaline creates the clasp.

Approximate length: 7"

Commissioned Diamond Ring

One of our commissioned pieces featuring an important pear- shaped diamond, this piece exemplifies our careful attention to both design and execution.

Sheba's Opal Necklace

Sheba's Opal Necklace is a one-of-a-kind treasure that exudes feminine power. Faceted Ethiopian opal beads are the accompaniment to a 22kt gold clad pendant displaying rivulets of gleaming opal inside its host rock. The necklace is finished with an 18kt gold beaded bayonet clasp.

Approximate length: 16.5"

Moonstone Cascade Necklace

You'll be swooning with us once you lay eyes on the marvelous Moonstone Cascade Necklace, fashioned from 22kt and 18kt gold. An incandescent oval moonstone holds court amidst two round accent moonstones 5.35 ctw. Four bright diamonds are complemented by twelve gold beads for a luxuriant feel. A curvaceous faceted moonstone briolette takes it over the rainbow.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Twin Peaks Pearl Ring

A truly original piece. Two lovely Tahitian pearls sitting side by side, the tallest one actually having a diamond set in its top. Pave white diamonds embellish the sides of this unique band.
Size 6.5.


Broken Shell Ring

A perfectly sculpted swirl of 18kt gold and pave diamonds .48 ctw., practically devoid of straight lines.

Conch Shell Foot Ring

This splendidly carved creation in 18kt gold is set with a fine line of white will take your breath away.

Cambodian Hamsa Bird Coin Ring

An authentic bronze coin depicting the Hamsa Bird, bringer of good luck, purity, and enlightenment, is set in 18kt gold by artist Silvio Mazzarese. The coin comes from the Kingdom of Cambodia, mid 1800's.

Kashmir Aqua Pear Ring

A sleek, pear-shaped aquamarine 1.87 cts. resides in a platinum bezel on a satiny 18kt gold frame and butter!

Brown Diamond Russian Cross Ring

A bold and beautiful ring featuring the Russian cross with brown diamonds.

Blue Moonstone Monarch Ring

A historic jewel of epic proportions features a stunning blue moonstone 11.66 cts. surrounded by pave white diamonds 1.69 ctw. in 18kt gold.

Rose Sapphire Ring

Cast a spell with the mezmerizing lavender lights in this enchanting rose sapphire cabuchon ring, 2.26 cts set on a weighty shank with textured center banding.

Black Diamond Swoop Ring

Graceful, swooping lines distinguish this rose cut black diamond 3.12 cts. stunner in 18kt gold with white diamond melee .33 ctw.

Aquamarine Elizabeth Ring

A lucid oval aquamarine 2.52 cts. is framed, buttressed, and trimmed in more than a half carat of scintillating white diamonds .68 ctw., for a lavish look in 18kt gold.

Sally Salamander Ring

Our affectionate little 18kt salamander curls around your finger and peeks at you with its luminous opal eyes.

Wedding Rings

Beehive Ring

One of the prettiest champagne diamonds EVER .55 ctw. perches in the center of a sparkly diamond studded .07 ctw. hive on a satiny tapered 18kt gold could you resist? Why should you resist?

Call for availability.

24kt Gold Bands

Lush, lightly peened, slender 24kt gold bands are finished with distinctive ARA.

Rose Gold Stack-up

A charming and feminine display of gorgeousness! Our 18kt gold Rope Bands are embraced by two pave white diamond Eternity Bands and crowned with a white diamond .90 ct. Rhea Band.

Rhea Band current size: 5

Ouroboros Ring

An elegant icon of ancient culture that you will want to keep on your finger for all eternity. This design is also an elegant choice for ring guards, imparting an Art Nouveau feel.

Diamond Cholla Bands

Cholla Bands created by New Mexico artist Liza Sanchez are fashioned after the high desert cactus of the same name and set with white diamonds in lustrous 18kt white gold.

RR1224 18kt white gold with eleven gypsy set white diamonds .27 ctw.

RR1225 18kt white gold with six gypsy set white diamonds .16 ctw.

Cholla Bands

Liza Sanchez has been a jeweler with the Golden Eye for over three decades. Her Cholla Bands are inspired by our native cactus. Available in 18kt yellow gold, 18kt white gold, 18kt rose gold, and sterling silver.

Please call for sizes and color availability.