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Michael Grant

Michael Grant

Michael Grant learned to make jewelry from Yaqui-Spanish master jeweler Danny Romero in the early eighties. He has worked as a jeweler ever since, preferring primitive tools to high tech innovations.

"In our society, financial requirements trick us into believing we must hurry up in the work we do. I have sometimes lived their way, but overall, mostly, the stones have taught me differently. Stones are very slow and patient. I spend my workdays alone with them in my workshop and the slowness rubs off on me. It is futile to hurry jewels along on their journey of emergence from the raw stone which bore them. They refuse to move swiftly, forcing the jeweler to still his anxiousness, and even abandon his pursuit of completion. It sounds odd to say it, but they will be complete only when I have learned to follow them and not lead them. Sometimes when I resist this lesson my life is filled with anxiety, yet when I am mindful of this lesson I feel balanced and beautiful. The stones have given me this, and I sincerely hope that the finished jewels which I create can offer the wearer the helpful sort of harmony, a balancing counterweight of timelessness to human life in the 21st century."

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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