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What is the difference between 14, 18, and 22 karat ("k" or "kt") gold?

These numbers indicate the proportion of pure gold to other metals (alloys) that are added to determine durability, color, and value; the percentages of pure gold in each category are 14kt-14 points per 24 or 58.33%, 18kt-18 points per 24 or 75%, and 22kt-22 points per 24 or 91.67%.

Why do you use 18kt and 22kt gold?

We use high karat gold because our aesthetic is inspired by the ancient cultures that originally created beautiful works in that class of metal; also, high karat gold lends itself to the matte finish that we prefer.

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is alloyed with copper to produce a pink cast. We work with 18kt rose gold on a special-order basis.

What are conflict-free diamonds?

Conflict-free diamonds are diamonds that have not been used to finance civil wars. These stones are validated by the Kimberley Process. In keeping with our aesthetic, most of our diamonds are rose cut and weigh less than 2 carats; conflict diamonds do not share these characteristics.

Are your materials ethically sourced?

We use only recycled gold from Hoover and Strong ( mines are involved . We source our gems from most of the same vendors that we started with in the 1970's, many of whom mine and cut their own stones or have personal relationships with small family mines.

What is the difference between precious and semi-precious stones?

In classical terms, the designation "precious" refers only to diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, which have long been considered the most valuable gemstones. Gemstone mining and cutting have evolved. Many stones previously considered semi-precious are now recognized as having very rare and exceptional forms, thereby rendering the terms "precious" and "semi-precious" misleading or obsolete. We make abundant use of any and all beautiful materials that inspire us.

Do you carry American-made jewelry?

All Golden Eye designs are made in our workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico or in the workshop of one of our local jewelry artisans.

Can you make custom jewelry using my stones?

We excel at making custom jewelry with your stones. Call 505-984-0040 or email us at to make an appointment with one of our designers.

How does shipping work?

We ship by Fedex within the United States only. We are currently unable to ship out of the country. All packages go out by Fedex 2nd Day Air, insured. Extra fees apply for overnight service. Direct signature is always required. We can ship to your workplace or to a Fedex location near you, according to your specifications.