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Molly Burger

Molly Burger

Mountain Rain Goldworks

Molly Burger is a jewelry wunderkind. Her parents, Falk Burger and the late Kim Bass, are considered to be “jeweler’s jewelers” due to their innovative styles and techniques. Those indelible influences, along with The Golden Eye’s founder Norah Pierson, propelled her into jewelry making at age 9, followed by her first gallery and first art show at age 12. During that time, she began her initial employment as a jeweler with local luminaries such as Denise Betesh, Valerie Fairchild, Luna Felix, and The Golden Eye. She also graduated from UNM where she flourished under the tutelage of professors Kris Mills and Constance de Jong.

Molly is fascinated by South American metallurgical techniques, some of which are evident in her work. She considers herself to be a lifelong student of metals, meeting every work day as “a new challenge, a maddeningly exciting puzzle I get to assemble.” Having been a fixture at the Tucson Gem Show as a child (subsequently employed there for 12 years as an adult), she has no patience for unspectacular stones.

Her artistic process is enriched by nature, community, and music. Molly balances her alone-time at the bench with performing as a professional singer in Sevda Choir, a Balkan musical ensemble.

“I’m from Santa Fe. The mountains are my home. Turns out I couldn’t hack it in the big city. I need to watch the stars fade into view. One by one. Building a picture that changes with the seasons. I need to feel my fingernails so packed with dirt, they feel like they’re gonna pop off every time I garden, or collect mushrooms in the mountains, or decide to just get naked and jump in the river before clawing my way back up the bank. I love digging for fossils and using them in my work. The desert, this lusciously harsh place, desiccating and nourishing, feeds my understanding of beauty, and by extension, my work.”

Molly’s wish is for her creations to confer, “Power. A physical catalyst for internal strength and confidence to flow uninhibited and unencumbered.”

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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