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Susan Bell

Susan Bell

"While traveling in Ecuador I became fascinated by the jewelry worn by the indigenous women of villages in the high Andes. These women have a highly developed sense of style, steeped in tradition. Their community and familial pride is expressed in their dress, and their jewelry signifies their wealth and status.

The Spanish brought their techniques of goldsmithing with them when they colonized South America in the late 16th century. There they found a native culture with highly developed metalworking techniques of its own that readily absorbed the Spanish filigree technique. This craft of great refinement has evolved over four hundred years.

In the lovely colonial town of Cuenca I met Jorge Moscoso, a wonderfully sophisticated master jeweler, who was able to help find other jewelers still skilled in these techniques. Jorge helped me realize my dream of bringing this unusual jewelry to the United States and beyond. I am deeply committed to the development of the Belle line for the benefit of these marvelous craftsmen."

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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