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Woven Bracelets

Intricate 23kt gold bracelets hand woven by artist Keith Berge. Each clasp is accented with a white diamond.

A variety of weaves , widths and lengths are available. Please e-mail or call for more specific information.

Bracelets shown range in price from $3,300.00 to $13,000.00

Prices may change due to fluctuations in the price of gold.

Skull Bracelet

Silver Skulls created by Taos artist Pepe Rochon
are set on a leather strap for a very hip bracelet.
Men's and Women's sizes available.
The larger bracelet is 12", the smaller, 10".

Diamond Tabla Bracelet

Ten 18kt gold links are studded with gold beads and bright white diamonds 1.6 ctw. to make a strikingly beautiful bracelet that is comfortable enough to wear every day. This bracelet features our Golden Eyebox clasp.

Approximate length: 7.5"

Diamond Ojo Bracelet

The subtle but unmistakable glimmer of cognac diamonds lights up this 18kt gold link bracelet. Each link is decorated with tiny gold beads for a delicate effect. The bracelet is secured with an eyebox clasp carved with our logo, the Eye of Horus. The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol that confers royalty, protection, and good health upon the wearer. Also available with a toggle clasp.

Approximate length: 7"

Turquoise Mixed Metal Bangle

From Robin Waynee's Alluvial Collection, an oxidized silver and 18kt gold bangle set with delicately matrixed Carico lake turquoise.

Approximate diameter: 2.5"

Turquoise and Diamond Mixed Metal Bangle

From Robin Waynee's Alluvial Collection, an 18kt gold and oxidized silver bangle embellished with white diamonds and Carico lake turquoise.

Approximate diameter: 2.75

Buzzing in the Flowers Bracelet

You will be charmed for life by our Buzzing in the Flowers Bracelet, in 18kt gold with chipper white diamonds .19 ctw. featuring a nifty tongue and groove eyebox clasp.

Approximate length: 7.75"

Stingray Cuff Bracelet

Laila Ionescu brings the sea to life with her extraordinary Stingray Cuff Bracelet in sterling silver and 18kt gold. The Stingray has sparkling sapphire .08 ctw. eyes and a pink Peruvian opal tail studded with an orange sapphire .03 cts.

Approximate length: 5.25"

Flower Bracelet

Ten perfect little 18kt gold flower links set with white diamonds 1.20 ctw., fastened with a Golden Eyebox clasp.

Approximate length: 6.75"

Phoenician Bee Bracelet

Seven splendid links, each a sterling silver reproduction of the Phoenecian bee coin with a stag on the opposite side, bezeled with 22kt gold and joined with hand made 22kt gold Mario Chavez.

Approximate length: 8"

Miyuki Bead Triple Bracelet

Artist Sharon Sorken creates beautifully nuanced jewelry from Japanese glass Miyuki beads, in this case plated in 24kt gold. The three bracelets pictured here are intertwined.

Rhodolite Garnet Aphrodite Bracelet

Every element of this passionate extravaganza is a paean to beauty...luscious rhodolite garnet cabochons 13.58 ctw. from Tanzania are bezel set in intricate 18kt gold frames, embellished with white diamonds .80 ctw. and finished with a bejeweled, beaded toggle.

Approximate length: 7"

Sapphire Tabla Bracelet

Ten gorgeous links made of 18kt gold, rich blue sapphires 1.3 ctw., and sparkling white diamonds .60 ctw., clasped with our Eye of Horus tongue in groove catch...real bliss for the wrist!

Approximate length: 7"

22kt Gold Mesh Link Bracelet with Tsavorite Garnet

Here's a sumptuous look for you: 22kt gold handwoven bracelets with diamond .40 ctw. studded sleeves, one boasting a granulated hidden clasp with a bezel set tsavorite garnet 1.42 cts., and one featuring a bezel set diamond .57 cts.

Approximate length: 7"

Black Diamond Aphrodite Bracelet

You may need to ride in a horse drawn carriage with this baby on your arm...rose cut black diamonds 8.42 ctw.are bezel set in 18kt gold Aphrodite links and studded with shimmering white diamonds 1.15 ctw...a bejeweled toggle clasp makes it official.

Approximate length: 8"

Magic Carpet Bracelet

Mystical moonstones and scintillating white diamonds .72 ctw. find their niche within seven 22kt gold links..."Well, you don't know what we can find, why don't you come with me little girl on a magic carpet ride..."

Approximate length: 7.25"

Heart Boot Bracelet

Jewelry for your boots...sterling silver and abalone shell heart.

Approximate length: 16"

Ear-rangements > Drops

Turquoise Grande Woven Heart Drops

Classic hippie princess allure to the rescue....18kt gold Woven Hearts punctuated with little white diamonds and faceted turquoise briolettes.

Approximate length: 1.75"

Shown on our Small Plain Hoops.
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Candelaria Turquoise Teardrops

Voluptuous slices of speckled Candelaria turquoise are bezeled and beaded in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.125"

Shown on our Large Plain Hoops.
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Majesta Turquoise Drops

Regal teardrop Kingman turquoise in a rich hue is bezel set in 18kt gold and anchored with shimmering white diamonds .04 ctw...diamond Majesta Drops .24 ctw. add an understated elegance.

Approximate length: 1.5"

Shown on our Galaxy Hoops.
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Blue Gem Turquoise Cascade Drops

We just love the drape of these luxuriant drops. Natural Blue Gem turquoise is bezel set in 18kt gold and embellished with bright white diamonds .18 ctw.

Approximate length: 2.75"

Shown on our large Pyrite Hoops.
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Large Damali Turquoise Drops

Do you love the serene celadon hues of Damali turquoise? Then here's more to love, with our Large Damali Turquise Drops, bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25

Shown on our Large Plain Hoops.
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Evans Turquoise Drops

Map the world in the pale matrix of these robin's egg blue turquoise drops from the Evans Mine in Baja.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our Galaxy Hoops.
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Large Candelaria Turquoise Drops

Glorious ovals of glossy blue Candelaria turquoise are bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.125"

Shown on our large Cypress Hoops.
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Mixed Metal Turquoise Earrings

A minimalist meditation in oxidized silver and 18kt gold, featuring Carico Lake turquoise and white diamonds .06 ctw., by Robin Waynee.

Approximate length: 2"

Royston Turquoise and Moonstone Earrings

The perfect earrings for the quintessential Southwestern glamor girl...beautiful specimens of Royston turquoise bezel set in 18kt gold with glittering, beaded moonstones hinged in between.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Blue Boy Turquoise Studs

Tiny rounds of turquoise from the Blue Boy Mine in Nevada are bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: .125"

Water Maiden Earrings

Evans turquoise in soft blue with a sepia matrix is paired with faceted moonstones and Australian gaspeite, and bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Jewelry Info


We sometimes hear someone remark that turquoise jewelry is a "fad", or that they don't wear "Indian jewelry."
Well, if turquoise is a fad, it's got to be the longest running trend ever, as history records its popularity over 7,000 years ago! Archeologists have recorded that the oldest known piece of jewelry is a gold and turquoise bracelet found on the arm of a mummified Egyptian Queen, around 5000 B.C.

The area once known as Persia, today's Iran, has been producing gem quality turquoise for centuries, as has China.
Native Americans have worked the stone since before the time of Christ. When the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo people learned silversmithing from the Spaniards in the 1800's, the stone was incorporated into their pieces. This jewelry was the precursor to the work we identify today as Indian jewelry.

Cerrillos, New Mexico is thought to be the location of the oldest turquoise mines in the country. Prior to the 1920's, the state was the country's largest producer; it is more or less exhausted today.

Arizona currently produces the most turquoise of value domestically. Two mines exist in the state; one is the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Globe, the other is the Kingman Mine that operates alongside a copper mine outside of the city. There are many other mines throughout the Southwest, many of which have been exhausted.

Turquoise is made up of phosphorus, copper, and aluminum. The copper is the mineral responsible for the identifying robin's egg blue color that is so valued in the stone.
The mother rock, or matrix, can often be seen running throughout the stone in a network pattern, adding interest and enhancing the beauty of the turquoise.

Most turquoise on the market today has had some kind of treatment to enhance or stabilize the stone. These procedures reduce the value of the stone in varying degrees.
Only about six percent of stones today are what we call "natural turquoise". These have not been altered in any way from their natural state. Stabilizing the turquoise is done by impregnating the stone with an epoxy-type substance to make it more durable.

It is important that when purchasing turquoise jewelry that the salesperson is able to relate if the piece has been treated, or is natural.

Being a phosphate mineral, turquoise is inherently fragile and sensitive to solvents; perfume and other cosmetics will attack the finish and may alter the color of turquoise gems, as will skin oils and most commercial jewelry cleaning fluids. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may discolor or dehydrate turquoise. Care should be taken when wearing such jewels: Cosmetics, sunscreen, and hair spray should be applied before putting on turquoise jewelery.

After use, turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid a build up of residue, and should be stored in its own container to avoid being scratched by harder gems. Turquoise can also be adversely affected if stored in an airtight container-it likes to breathe.


Green Faustite Carico Lake Turquoise Set

Every aspect of this stunning turquoise and 18kt gold set is hand made with traditional tools, by artist Michael Grant.

The necklace offers elegant details: The double strand portion of the necklace features hand carved turquoise beads interspersed with bezel set turquoise beads. The clasp is elegantly fitted with gold end caps and a wire-wrapped hook and eye embellished with a bezel set turquoise spacer.

Approximate length: 20"

The earrings are spectacular: Voluminous ovals of finely matrixed turquoise are bezel set in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Hand Carved Turquoise Bead Necklace

Powder blue turquoise with copper matrix from the #8 mine in Nevada was hand carved into barrels and disks, and strung with 18kt beads to make a stunning necklace, from Michael Grant.

Approximate length: 24"

Natural Turquoise Necklace

This stunning necklace is created with all natural domestic turquoise, including Blue Diamond from Nevada, Morenci and Sleeping Beauty from Arizona. The lustrous stones are set in 18kt gold.

Adjustable length : 16"to 18"

Miyuki Bead Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

A sleek suite by Sharon Sorken...

SS62 Miyuki Snake Bracelet with Pearls finished in 18kt gold

SS77 Miyuki Bead and 24kt Gold Plated Pearl Necklace 40"

May be purchased separately.

Mixed 24kt Gold Necklaces

Refined and delicate, these elegant tribal necklaces come in a variety of colors with 24kt gold elements, made by ARA.
From top:
GEARA104 Lapis and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1425
GEARA105 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1470
GEARA103 Coral and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1520
GEARA106 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Fish Necklace 17.25" $1590

Miyuki Bead Suite

Colors and patterns come out to play in Sharon Sorken's Miyuki Bead Suite.

Clockwise from top left:

SS97 24kt gold plated Miyuki Bead Bracelet with Variegated Garnet Beads $450

SS87 Miyuki Bead Pastel Necklace with Variegated Garnet Beads $900

SS88 Earth Tone Striped Miyuki Bead Bracelet with Garnet Beads $350

May be purchased together or separately.


Turquoise Link Bracelet

Turquoise and gold...we never tire of the combination!

These ten natural turquoise stones are set in 18kt gold and form a beautiful, comfortable, and stunning bracelet.

Turquoise and Agate Bracelet

Designed by Norah Pierson, this unique bracelet contains turquoise, agate, jaspar, and bone. The setting is sterling silver and 18kt gold. Very distinctive!

Rose Cut Sapphire Bracelet

Sixty-nine carats of rose cut pink sapphires are linked together with 22kt and 18kt gold for a sumptuous bracelet. A green sapphire and a chysoberyl are added for extra depth.

Approximate length: 7"

Multi-Stone Bracelet

A rainbow of colored gemstones makes for a bright and beautiful bracelet. Tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, and moonstone are set in 18kt gold, and a slice of watermelon tourmaline creates the clasp.

Approximate length: 7"

Diamond Turquoise Drops

Transcendent blue Persian turquoise with bezel set white diamonds in 18kt gold.

Shown on our Gardenia Hoops.

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Queen Turquoise Earrings

These fabulous 18kt earrings are made of highly coveted turquoise from the Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona that has been closed to mining since 1975. The mine is, however, open for tours!

Turquoise Suite

Turquoise, the color of Santa Fe skies!

Gem quality stones paired with diamonds and high karat gold bring these amazing pieces to life.

Turquoise Table Ring

Stand back, friends, because this is over-the-top fabulous! A stately piece of Chinese turquoise with dramatic black matrix is set in satiny 18kt gold with a cleverly distressed faux finish...the grace note is a row of whispery white diamonds .03 ctw.

Silk Roads V Bracelet

Frankincense, cinnamon, copal, Persian carpets, fine Chinese porcelain and...the Silk Roads V Bracelet made with six ancient coins bezel set in 22kt gold with two rose cut caramel diamonds 2.95 ctw. and ten rose cut white diamonds .40 ctw. to bring out the gypsy in you!

Approximate length: 7.25"

Roman Coin Bracelet

Five ancient bronze Roman coins are set in 22kt gold and complemented with a rose cut red ruby. Additional rubies and diamonds enhance the hand made clasp.
Total length: 8"

Tourmaline Flower Bracelet

Delicate 18kt gold flower links with diamond centers flow together with irresistible pastel tourmalines.

Rose Cut Labradorite Bracelet

Lustrous, watery, rose cut labradorites are accented with peridot and andalusite and set with 18kt gold.

Approximate length : 7"


Mixed Metal Bisbee Turquoise Ring

Vintage turquoise from the Bisbee mine in Arizona is set in an 18kt gold bezel, perched atop a textured sterling silver shank with gold beads...made by Michael Grant.

Cloud Nine Turquoise Ring

A distinctive piece of Cloud Nine turquoise is encircled with gold beads and white diamonds .04 ctw. in 18kt gold.

Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring

A beautifully dappled piece of Blue Diamond turquoise rests in a softly ridged 18kt gold setting, trimmed with a crescent of gold beads.
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