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We are open Monday-Saturday from 11-5. We are serving six persons in the store at a time. Thank you for your cooperation.

On Sunday August 21, Indian Market Sunday, we are open from 11-4 pm.

This is the land of the Northern and Southern Tewa (often identified as Tanos). We recognize that this land is one piece of a larger, boundless terrain for Indigenous peoples: the Nambe Pueblo; the Tewa; and the Jicarilla Apache, the Diné (Navajo), Cochiti, Taos, and Hopi Pueblos.

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Black Snake Drops

Black Snake Drops

Painted metal snake drops are sure to improve your adder-tude! Gold patterning will vary.

Approximate length: 2.25"

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Black Snake Drops (WLD-01)

Price: $75.00

HOOPS (sold separately)

Small Plain Hoops View 1
Small Plain Hoops

18kt yellow gold (E500)

Price: $1010.00

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Please Contact us for more information.

Due to the fluctuating price of gold, prices may change without notice.