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Blue Zircon Larissa Drops

Blue Zircon Larissa Drops
The Larissa Drops provide a generous dollop of color in a classic setting. This version is set with bright blue zircons and accented with effervescent white diamonds .18 ctw.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our Gardenia Hoops (sold separately).
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E636Z Blue Zircon Larissa Drops

Price: $2265.00

E636 M Larissa Drops with Moonstones and Diamonds

Price: $2480.00

E636 G Larissa Drops with Garnets and Diamonds

Price: $0.00

E636T Larissa Drops with Green Tourmalines

Price: $2110.00

E636 A Larissa Drops with Aquamarines and Diamonds

Price: $0.00

D210BZLD6 Larissa Drops with Sunstones

Price: $1995.00

D210BZLD7 E636AM

Price: $1755.00

E636per Larissa Drops with Peridot

Price: $1690.00

E630-bzlar Gardenia Hoops

Price: $885.00

Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Please Contact us for more information.

Due to the fluctuating price of gold, prices may change without notice.

Blue Zircon Larissa Drops Larissa Drops with Aquamarines and Diamonds

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