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Large Gold Frame Drum Drops

Peened 18kt gold circles finished with gold beads serve as smashing stand-alone drops and also provide flattering frames for our other drops (sold separately). We've included three additional layers of drops to illustrate how four pieces can turn into eight different looks for an exciting Ear-rangements wardrobe!

Approximate diameter: 1.25"

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Large Gold Frame Drum Drops View 1

Large Gold Frame Drum Drops (E409B)

Price: $1175.00
Bee Amulet Drops View 1

Bee Amulet Drops (E381-)

Price: $1750.00
Diamond Verbena Drops View 1

Diamond Verbena Drops (E404D--)

Price: $1430.00

HOOPS (sold separately)

Small Cypress Hoops View 1
Small Cypress Hoops


Price: $1070.00

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Please Contact us for more information.

Due to the fluctuating price of gold, prices may change without notice.

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