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Diamond Pave Pear Drops

You'll want to wear these wonderful earrings day and night! The ritzy twinkle of the 18kt Diamond Pave Pear Drops .26 ctw. is charming as a layer or as a stand alone drop.

Approximate length: .625"

Shown on our Diamond Pave Hoops.
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Hawk Earrings

These 18kt Hawk Earrings, rendered in exquisite detail, are modeled after designs found in Egyptian iconography.

Approximate size: .625" x 1.25"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit The Wildlife Center.

Sea Urchin Earrings

Highly refined 18kt gold earrings inspired by the texture of a sea urchin.

Approximate size: .875" x .625"

Owl Earrings

These sophisticated earrings are an 18kt reproduction of the Greek Athena coin.

Approximate diameter: .75"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit the Santa Fe Raptor Center.

"You Stole My Heart" Earrings

Artist Laila Ionescu has created a pair of extraordinary earrings that will steal YOUR heart! A pair of mischievous 18kt birds with pave diamonds 1.56 ctw. on their wings, tails, and breasts are spiriting away two ruby cabochon hearts 1.08 ctw.(fitted with 18kt gold posts and Omega clips).

Approximate length: 1.5"

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"

Harvest Goddess Earrings

The 18kt Harvest Goddess earrings are based on an East Indian Amulet.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Beaver Tail Pearl Earrings

A plenitude of luminosity emanates from our cultured freshwater Beaver Tail Pearl Earrings with beehive caps, suspended from generous 18kt gold French wires.

Approximate length: 2"

Wild Horse Earrings

Inspired by ancient Greek coins depicting horses, these 18kt gold earrings embody the majesty of this archetypal symbol.

Approximate diameter: .625"

Umbra Earrings with Blue Zircons

The Umbra Earrings by Robin Waynee present a clean, sculptural study of light and dark, expressed through the mediums of oxidized sterling silver and 18kt gold, accented with bright blue zircons 2.98 ctw. and white diamonds .28 ctw.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Corazon Volador Earrings

Droll flying fishes in 18kt gold carry away two ruby cabochon hearts 1.08 ctw. in these charming earrings by Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 1"

Royston Turquoise and Moonstone Earrings

The perfect earrings for the quintessential Southwestern glamor girl...beautiful specimens of Royston turquoise bezel set in 18kt gold with glittering, beaded moonstones hinged in between.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Water Maiden Earrings

Evans turquoise in soft blue with a sepia matrix is paired with faceted moonstones and Australian gaspeite, and bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Mixed Metal Turquoise Earrings

A minimalist meditation in oxidized silver and 18kt gold, featuring Carico Lake turquoise and white diamonds .06 ctw., by Robin Waynee.

Approximate length: 2"

Precious Cargo Earrings

Pink Peruvian opals are hand carved into voluptuous mangos and inlaid with cabochon rubies .69 ctw. Each stone is grasped by an 18kt gold bird's claw...another fabulous invention from the studio of Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 2"

Yellow Citrine Margaritas Earrings

Five citrine petals and a pearl center backed with 18kt gold add up to a whole lot of glow!

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length: .75"

Lovestruck Fishies Earrings

Golden South Sea baroque pearls provide the inspiration for a pair of fantastic fishie is fitted with blue moonstone cabochons for eye, the other sports red ruby cabs. Both fishies have big, puckery rose gold lips and dangle from diamond .16 ctw. Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Kyanite Boton de Piedra Grande Earrings

A lovely clover pattern is composed of dark blue kyanites and 18kt gold, by Belle Fine Jewelry.

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length:.75"

Double Petal Yangtze River Pearl Earrings

Non-stop luminescence in the soft tones of a Hawaiian sunset will suffuse your visage with loveliness. Natural Yangtze river pearls are finished in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.75"

Persian Reverie Earrings

Full on glamor abounds, starting with Siberian green jade studs paved with emeralds .64 ctw. in 22kt gold, followed by luxurious Afghani turquoise briolettes set with sparkling white diamonds .30 ctw., finished with 18kt gold findings...all from our favorite Gucci-Two-Shoes, Laila Ionescu.

Splash Earrings

An 18kt splash of warmth to highlight your assets. Organic, effortless, and very flattering.

Approximate diameter: .5"

Shining Star Earrings

There is no way to escape the limelight in these platinum and 18kt gold stars with channel set baguette diamonds 3.89 Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 1"

Tortuga Blue Topaz Earrings

Fine 18kt gold filigree with creamy pearls and sparkling blue topaz may result in a whirlwind of seduction, or at least plan carefully! Brought to you by Belle Fine Jewelry.

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Retro Chic Sugilite Earrings

Gem quality sugilite and smithsonite contrasted with deep green jade are bezel set against a textured backdrop of 18kt gold, fitted with a post clip.

Approximate size: 1" W x .75" L

Blue Chalcedony Briolette Earrings

Jumbo blue chalcedony briolettes are more than sufficient to jump start a sexy look, but there's more...the diamond .10 ctw. studs that these babies swing from are backed with tiny 18kt gold stars...from Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Carnelian and Peridot Cintas Earrings

Five ribbons of intricate 18kt filigree with peridot centerpieces sport tangy carnelian Belle Fine Jewelry.

Approximate length: 1.5"

Pearl Paloma en Nido Earrings

An 18kt gold dove perches between two pearl nests...three oval pearl dangles twitter below, in these rapturous creations by Belle Fine Jewelry.

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length: 2.25"

Golden Sphere Earrings

Recast yourself as a beauty icon with the classical opulence of 22kt gold. Handmade chains suspend micro-granulated spheres, punctuated with beaded pyramids...all in 22kt gold by Bikakis and Johns.

Approximate length: 2.5"

"Please Save Us" Button Pearl Earrings

More artistry from the animated world of Laila Ionescu...big eyes made from button pearls stare luminously through sunstone cat's eye cabochons. Ruby cabs and tiny 18kt gold beaks adorn the sides of each pearl. Quartz crystal briolettes dangle from the bottoms. And two golden lovebirds nestle at the base of each post...all in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1"

Pearl Boton de Tortuga Earrings

Exquisite 18kt gold filigree is used as the setting for the soft glow of cultured pearls, from Belle Fine Jewelry.

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length" 1"

Blue Topaz and Pearl Nubes Earrings

A gilded frame surrounds a quartet of round pearls with an 18kt gold center...little oval pearls and blue topaz dangle together coquettishly, offered by Belle Fine Jewelry.

The lever back earwires are introduced through the back of the ear and latch into beaded clutches, for a polished look.

Approximate length: 1.5

Beaded Flower Studs

You will find so many occasions to wear this lovely pair of 18kt gold earrings...they are guaranteed to accent your beauty!

Approximate length: .5"

Kite Studs with Diamonds

Perfect earrings for everyday wear, these 18kt gold studs sport bright white center diamonds.

Approximate size: .25"


Daisy Pearl Earrings and Pendant

Cheery sterling silver daisies host plump freshwater cultured pearls set with glimmering yellow diamonds .16ctw., handcrafted by Laila Ionescu.

The companion Daisy Pendant is embellished with an 18kt gold bezel set ruby .18 cts. and suspended from a steel choker.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Fire Opal Necklace

There is nothing like the combination of 24kt gold and fiery Mexican opal lozenges. In hues ranging from peach to pomegranate, these jelly lozenges exhibit exuberant color play...another fabulous concoction from ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Shown with fire opal and 24kt gold stud earrings.

Approximate length: .75"


Diamond Earrings

Palatial rose cut diamond earrings custom designed by the superbly talented Norah Pierson!

Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Dazzling rose cut grey diamond slices, a total of 9.14 cts are set in 18kt gold with 1.05 cts of bright white diamond accents in these dramatic earrings.

Chrysocolla Earrings

Designed and created for Elizabeth Taylor by Norah Pierson, these striking earrings sold at auction through Christie's in 2011.

Color Burst Earrings

A perfect pairing for the Azalea ring. These earrings were custom made with multicolor sapphires and diamonds to create an exotic allure.

Opal Earrings

The deep blue of the Caribbean swirls through these stunning opal earrings. The stones are set in 18kt gold and punctuated with bright white diamonds .18 ctw.

Moonstone Waterfall Earrings

An absolutely stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featuring translucent rainbow moonstones 18.9 ctw. in articulated bezel settings accented with diamonds .30 ctw.

Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Luxurious golden South Sea pearls set with VS1 diamonds .81 ctw...These dreamy earrings are a one-of-a-kind creation by multiple award-winning Santa Fe artist, Ryan Roberts.

Queen Turquoise Earrings

These fabulous 18kt earrings are made of highly coveted turquoise from the Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona that has been closed to mining since 1975. The mine is, however, open for tours!

Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings

This stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featurse matched blue chalcedony cabochons accented with brilliant white diamonds.

Tiered Opal Earrings

These stunning 18kt gold and boulder opal earrings were custom designed and created by Norah Pierson for Elizabeth Taylor. They were sold at auction, through Christie's in 2011.

Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings

Lustrous and luminous, these one of a kind Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings reflect spectacular peacock blues and purples...set in 18kt gold.

Grey Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Just how sexy and opulent can a girl be? That question is answered right here, right now. Smoky grey diamonds 4.99 ctw. accented with effervescent white diamonds .66 ctw., all beaded and bezeled in 18kt gold...they will leave you bewitched, bedazzled, and bewildered!

Approximate length: 2"

Boulder Opal Earrings

Spectacular boulder opals are set in a one-of-a kind design in 18kt gold by Norah Pierson. Unbelievable color, fire and luster in these stones!

Opal Earrings

Deep cobalt blue Australian boulder opals set in 22kt gold are hinged beneath flashing blue moonstones.

Black Diamond Empress Drops

Dress to Em-press! These black diamond 10.5 ctw. wonders are framed with 18kt gold beads and shimmery bezel set diamonds .48 ctw. The backs of the earrings are luxuriously scrolled with 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our white diamond Cypress Hoops.
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