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Devta Doolan

Devta Doolan
Devta Doolan lives in Portland, Maine, where he creates award-winning, one-of-a-kind pieces. His jewelry features high karat gold settings of bold semi-precious stones. Devta’s work is minimal in embellishments. His earrings and rings are often bezel set with stones of saturated color and innovative faceting.

Devta studied with master metalsmith Tim McCreight at the Worcester Craft Center in Massachusetts. Devta’s confident, elegant designs, inspired by the late Swiss jeweler Andrew Grima, incorporate textured 22 karat gold and the finest pearls, fire opal, black diamonds, agate, tourmaline, Tibetan turquoise, and green jade from his native New Zealand. His aesthetic has always been about simplicity, and his recent work pushes that concept to prominence.

“In my work I strive to create an identity that is both ancient and contemporary. I want to blend disparate elements to create a unified whole. I become myself through my work.”

Johanna Berge

Johanna Berge
Johanna was born and raised in Lake City, Minnesota on the Mississippi River. For most of her life, she has been immersed in her role as a mother, and her career as a physical therapist.

Johanna is an avid fan of the outdoors and derives much fulfillment from hiking, cross country skiing, mountain biking, and spending time with her animals. It was the harmony and balance of nature that inspired her to begin working with precious stones and metals. A trip to the Argyle mine in Australia left her enamored with natural colored diamonds. Her travels to the Middle East added an earthy opulence to her striking designs.

Although Johanna's intention was to express her joy and creativity through her jewelry and share it with a select few, others soon noticed her designs and asked to buy the items she was wearing. Johanna's business grew rapidly by word of mouth and now she finds herself, much to her delight, a full time artist.

Ear-rangements > Drops

Diamond Pave Pear Drops

You'll want to wear these wonderful earrings day and night! The ritzy twinkle of the 18kt Diamond Pave Pear Drops .26 ctw. is charming as a layer or as a stand alone drop.

Approximate length: .625"

Shown on our Diamond Pave Hoops.
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Majesta Drops

A precious little diamond .28 ctw. drop to wear alone or layered with other pieces.

Approximate length: .375"

Shown on our Pyrite Hoops.
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Ear-rangements > Hoops

Splash Hanger Studs

Our versatile 18kt gold Splash Earrings are now available in a dangle-ready version, thanks to hooks that can accommodate most of our drop styles.

Approximate diameter: .5"

Drops sold separately.


Sea Urchin Earrings

Highly refined 18kt gold earrings inspired by the texture of a sea urchin.

Approximate size: .875" x .625"

Owl Earrings

These sophisticated earrings are an 18kt reproduction of the Greek Athena coin.

Approximate diameter: .75"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit the Santa Fe Raptor Center.

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"

Harvest Goddess Earrings

The 18kt Harvest Goddess earrings are based on an East Indian Amulet.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Hawk Earrings

These 18kt Hawk Earrings, rendered in exquisite detail, are modeled after designs found in Egyptian iconography.

Approximate size: .625" x 1.25"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit The Wildlife Center.

Wild Horse Earrings

Inspired by ancient Greek coins depicting horses, these 18kt gold earrings embody the majesty of this archetypal symbol.

Approximate diameter: .625"

Royston Turquoise and Moonstone Earrings

The perfect earrings for the quintessential Southwestern glamor girl...beautiful specimens of Royston turquoise bezel set in 18kt gold with glittering, beaded moonstones hinged in between.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Double Petal Yangtze River Pearl Earrings

Non-stop luminescence in the soft tones of a Hawaiian sunset will suffuse your visage with loveliness. Natural Yangtze river pearls are finished in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.75"

Splash Earrings

An 18kt splash of warmth to highlight your assets. Organic, effortless, and very flattering.

Approximate diameter: .5"

Retro Chic Sugilite Earrings

Gem quality sugilite and smithsonite contrasted with deep green jade are bezel set against a textured backdrop of 18kt gold, fitted with a post clip.

Approximate size: 1" W x .75" L

Beaded Flower Studs

You will find so many occasions to wear this lovely pair of 18kt gold earrings...they are guaranteed to accent your beauty!

Approximate length: .5"

Kite Studs with Diamonds

Perfect earrings for everyday wear, these 18kt gold studs sport bright white center diamonds.

Approximate size: .25"

Jewelry Care

Behind the Ear Latching Hoop

Behind the Ear Latching Hoop
To be sure that your hoops are on securely, listen for a click as you close them. If they do not click firmly, the catch needs to be tightened. This can be done by any jeweler, or yourself, with a pair of needle nose pliers. Squeeze the catch together very gently; you will barely see the catch move. Check the fit of the post and continue until the earrings are clicking soundly again.


Queen Bee Pendant

A 22kt gold and sterling silver bee amulet outfitted with enough precious metal to satisfy the queenliest of bees!

Approximate length: 1"

Chain sold separately.
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New Items

Water Maiden Earrings

Evans turquoise in soft blue with a sepia matrix is paired with faceted moonstones and Australian gaspeite, and bezeled in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.25"


Diamond Earrings

Palatial rose cut diamond earrings custom designed by the superbly talented Norah Pierson!

Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Dazzling rose cut grey diamond slices, a total of 9.14 cts are set in 18kt gold with 1.05 cts of bright white diamond accents in these dramatic earrings.

Chrysocolla Earrings

Designed and created for Elizabeth Taylor by Norah Pierson, these striking earrings sold at auction through Christie's in 2011.

Color Burst Earrings

A perfect pairing for the Azalea ring. These earrings were custom made with multicolor sapphires and diamonds to create an exotic allure.

Opal Earrings

The deep blue of the Caribbean swirls through these stunning opal earrings. The stones are set in 18kt gold and punctuated with bright white diamonds .18 ctw.

Moonstone Waterfall Earrings

An absolutely stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featuring translucent rainbow moonstones 18.9 ctw. in articulated bezel settings accented with diamonds .30 ctw.

Diamond and Pearl Earrings

Luxurious golden South Sea pearls set with VS1 diamonds .81 ctw...These dreamy earrings are a one-of-a-kind creation by multiple award-winning Santa Fe artist, Ryan Roberts.

Queen Turquoise Earrings

These fabulous 18kt earrings are made of highly coveted turquoise from the Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona that has been closed to mining since 1975. The mine is, however, open for tours!

Chalcedony and Diamond Earrings

This stunning pair of 18kt gold earrings featurse matched blue chalcedony cabochons accented with brilliant white diamonds.

Tiered Opal Earrings

These stunning 18kt gold and boulder opal earrings were custom designed and created by Norah Pierson for Elizabeth Taylor. They were sold at auction, through Christie's in 2011.

Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings

Lustrous and luminous, these one of a kind Baja Mabe Pearl Earrings reflect spectacular peacock blues and purples...set in 18kt gold.

Grey Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

Just how sexy and opulent can a girl be? That question is answered right here, right now. Smoky grey diamonds 4.99 ctw. accented with effervescent white diamonds .66 ctw., all beaded and bezeled in 18kt gold...they will leave you bewitched, bedazzled, and bewildered!

Approximate length: 2"

Boulder Opal Earrings

Spectacular boulder opals are set in a one-of-a kind design in 18kt gold by Norah Pierson. Unbelievable color, fire and luster in these stones!

Opal Earrings

Deep cobalt blue Australian boulder opals set in 22kt gold are hinged beneath flashing blue moonstones.

Black Diamond Empress Drops

Dress to Em-press! These black diamond 10.5 ctw. wonders are framed with 18kt gold beads and shimmery bezel set diamonds .48 ctw. The backs of the earrings are luxuriously scrolled with 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our white diamond Cypress Hoops.