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Bee Reliquary Necklace

Reverence for nature is the animating force behind the artistry of Melinda Risk. Bees are held sacred in many cultures; in fact, humanity could not exist without them. A 3000-year-old honey pot was found in King Tut's tomb, the contents pristine and eminently edible.

At the heart of the reliquary is a hand carved Osmia avocetta bee in rock crystal. This solitary pollinator makes an enchanting nest for its young by gluing flower petals together with mud.

The bee is reverse-painted and layered with 10kt gold paint. The most widely known examples of reverse painting come from the Byzantium Empire as the preferred medium for religious icons. In this tradition, paint is applied in reverse order to the back of a glass or glasslike material and viewed from the unpainted side.

The rock crystal is framed in 18kt gold and anchored in sterling silver. Shimmering diamonds are placed at cardinal points. The back of the pendant features a rose cut golden sapphire marquis and a trio of rubies complemented with 18kt gold flowers, beads, and vines. The pendant is bound with copper and finished with sterling silver beaded wire.

A black diamond tether attaches the pendant to an18kt gold jump ring that holds the lariat together at the hollow of the throat. Black diamond beads continue their path upwards, giving way to 18kt gold links.

Approximate length: 20.5"

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Bee Reliquary Necklace (RSK63)

Price: $7875.00

Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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