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The item Odin's Raven Necklace is currently unavailable.
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Jewelry Care

Diamond Beads

Put your necklace on in front of you, and then move the necklace around so the clasp is in the back. This procedure puts much less strain on the area where the clasp is attached to the beads. This is the area that receives the most stress.

We recommend restringing once a year. Do not sleep or shower with your diamond beads on.

Adjusting"W" Clasps

The “W” clasp on your chain or necklace is a very classic design, used for thousands of years as a closure. It is made of 24kt gold and is very flexible.

To open the clasp, push one “wing” of the W forward. Do not pull out laterally. To insure a secure closure, push the “wing” back to center, and align with the center loop.

After many uses you may find your clasp becoming stiff. This can easily be remedied by having it annealed. This is a process where the gold is heated and cooled, making the piece soft and flexible once again. Any reputable jeweler can do this for you.


Beaded Necklaces

A trio of strikingly original hand beaded necklaces made from gold plated glass Myuki beads from Japan. Created by local Santa Fe artist, Sharon Sorken.

Thai Weave Necklace

This 22kt gold handwoven Thai Weave Necklace is created entirely by hand, from the drawing of the wire to the soldering of individual links, to the fabrication of the clasp.

Created by artist Keith Berge, this necklace is a testament to meticulous work of the highest quality.

Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace

Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace (GEARA100)

Oxidized silver tubular beads are interspersed with a variety of 24kt gold beads,finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a ruby, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Oxidized Silver, Sterling Silver, and 24kt Gold Necklace (GEARA99)

Oxidized silver, sterling silver, and 24kt gold tubular beads provide an exotic interplay, finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a white diamond, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 17"

Hand Carved Turquoise Bead Necklace

Powder blue turquoise with copper matrix from the #8 mine in Nevada was hand carved into barrels and disks, and strung with 18kt beads to make a stunning necklace, from Michael Grant.

Approximate length: 24"

Natural Turquoise Necklace

This stunning necklace is created with all natural domestic turquoise, including Blue Diamond from Nevada, Morenci and Sleeping Beauty from Arizona. The lustrous stones are set in 18kt gold.

Adjustable length : 16"to 18"

Mixed 24kt Gold Necklaces

Refined and delicate, these elegant tribal necklaces come in a variety of colors with 24kt gold elements, made by ARA.
From top:
GEARA104 Lapis and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1425
GEARA105 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1470
GEARA103 Coral and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1520
GEARA106 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Fish Necklace 17.25" $1590

Hang On By All Means Tahitian Pearl Necklace

A fabulous 18kt gold fish with a Tahitian baroque pearl in its mouth hangs onto a necklace composed of green onyx beads and baroque Tahitian pearls, clasped with an 18kt gold barrel finished with glittering white diamonds .20 ctw.

Approximate length: 19"

Diamond Toggle Necklace

This 17" hand woven diamond toggle necklace was created by artist Keith Berge. Hand pulled, braided 22 karat gold wire is embellished with a gorgeous hammered toggle clasp set with brilliant white diamonds.

Approximate length: 18"

Miyuki Bead Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

A sleek suite by Sharon Sorken...

SS62 Miyuki Snake Bracelet with Pearls finished in 18kt gold

SS77 Miyuki Bead and 24kt Gold Plated Pearl Necklace 40"

May be purchased separately.

Tabla Necklace

If understated luxury is your preferred mode of self-expression, this necklace speaks volumes! Twenty-four 18kt gold links studded with white diamonds 3.84 ctw., and fitted with an adjustable clasp...fabulous, darling!

Approximate length: 17-18"

Moonstone Cascade Necklace

You'll be swooning with us once you lay eyes on the marvelous Moonstone Cascade Necklace, fashioned from 22kt and 18kt gold. An incandescent oval moonstone holds court amidst two round accent moonstones 5.35 ctw. Four bright diamonds are complemented by twelve gold beads for a luxuriant feel. A curvaceous faceted moonstone briolette takes it over the rainbow.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Black Spinel Necklace

You will find yourself wearing this necklace with everything... sparkly faceted black spinel with leafy 18kt gold beads and 14kt gold wire wrap...wear it alone or layer it up!

Approximate length: 20"

Fire Opal Necklace

There is nothing like the combination of 24kt gold and fiery Mexican opal lozenges. In hues ranging from peach to pomegranate, these jelly lozenges exhibit exuberant color play...another fabulous concoction from ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Shown with fire opal and 24kt gold stud earrings.

Approximate length: .75"

Be My Valentine Pearl Necklace

This ode to love by Laila Ionescu starts with twenty-nine luminous South Sea pearls set with forty-five hearts fashioned from 22kt gold and cabochon rubies 4.62 ctw. The clasp is ingeniously formed into an 18kt rose gold liplock!

Approximate length: 18"

Chocolate Diamond Necklace

You won't believe the sparkle in these chocolate diamond beads 35.3 ctw., interspersed with tasteful 18kt gold spacers!

Approximate length: 16"

Ethiopian Opal Faceted Bead Necklace

Smoldering Ethiopian opal beads 31.8 ctw. are combined with 18kt gold beads and a figure eight clasp.

Approximate length: 23"

Petite Earth Tone Diamond Necklace

Faceted diamond beads 28.5 ctw. in a neutral palette with 18kt gold spacers and a 14kt gold clasp. A perfect stand alone and also a great layering piece.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Ethiopian Opal and Sapphire Necklace

Glowing opal nuggets intermingled with 20kt gold beads and multi-colored sapphires cast a fascinating spell.

Approximate length: 15.5-17"

Earth Tone Diamond Necklace

Glittering cubes of natural colored diamonds 62.93 ctw. with 18kt gold spacers and clasp...a distinctive stand alone piece and great for layering.

Approximate length: 17"

Kyanite and Tourmaline Lozenge Necklace

Marine blue kyanites and a variety of green tourmalines unite to create precious colored light in lush frames of 22kt and 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 14.5-18"

Shown with our Kyanite and Emerald Lozenge Drops in 18kt gold.

The Maroon Necklace

Do you ever covet that regal but funky look? Your search is over! Plump dyed maroon agate beads are strung in random lengths and clasped with a heart and flower motif studded with pave diamonds.28 Laila Ionescu.

Approximate length: 17"

Jade Five Strand Necklace

Grassy green jade beads are interspersed with 18kt gold spacers and replica coins for a sensual, exotic look.

Approximate length: 17.5"

Apatite and Vasonite Necklace

Caribbean blue apatite and beach glass-green vasonite are bezeled in 22kt gold and linked together with an 18kt gold adjustable chain, resulting in a veritable deluge of color.

Approximate length: 16-18"

Black Diamond and 24kt Gold Necklace

A splendid adornment from Turkish designer, ARA....glistening black diamond beads are mixed with 24kt gold beads and disks, finished with a 24kt gold shepherd's hook tipped with a black diamond.

Approximate length: 17"

Umba Sapphire Necklace

River sapphires in shades of raisin, gold, and sea foam are finely wire wrapped in 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold.

Adjustable length: 18-20"

Ethiopian Opal Rondelle Necklace

Semi-transparent Ethiopian opal 82 ctw. rondelles lit with blue, green, orange, and violet...what's not to like?

Approximate length: 15"

Golden Bean Necklace

A lucky 18kt golden bean is paired with oxidized sterling silver beads and 18kt gold spacers, on a bronze leather cord.

Approximate length: 17"

Flowers and Circles Filigree Necklace

Exquisite 18kt gold filigree from the tradition of the colonial Andes. Handcrafted in Ecuador by master goldsmiths, presented by Belle of Santa Fe.

Approximate length: 16"

Green Faustite Carico Lake Turquoise Set

Every aspect of this stunning turquoise and 18kt gold set is hand made with traditional tools, by artist Michael Grant.

The necklace offers elegant details: The double strand portion of the necklace features hand carved turquoise beads interspersed with bezel set turquoise beads. The clasp is elegantly fitted with gold end caps and a wire-wrapped hook and eye embellished with a bezel set turquoise spacer.

Approximate length: 20"

The earrings are spectacular: Voluminous ovals of finely matrixed turquoise are bezel set in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Swan Cameo Pendant

Surely a necklace to swan around in...carved sardonyx handcrafted in Italy is bezel set in 18kt gold and adorned with a latte quartz briolette.

Approximate length: 2"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Abril Chain

Here's a beautiful way to add charm and femininity to a classic outfit or inject some elegant Boho flair into a flowing silhouette...18kt gold filigree leaves are linked with faceted celery-colored topaz beads in a necklace that can be worn long or doubled, alone or'll live in it, by Belle Fine gold!

Approximate length: 35"

Miyuki Bead Suite

Colors and patterns come out to play in Sharon Sorken's Miyuki Bead Suite.

Clockwise from top left:

SS97 24kt gold plated Miyuki Bead Bracelet with Variegated Garnet Beads $450

SS87 Miyuki Bead Pastel Necklace with Variegated Garnet Beads $900

SS88 Earth Tone Striped Miyuki Bead Bracelet with Garnet Beads $350

May be purchased together or separately.


Ethiopian Opal Necklace

Phenomenal Ethiopian Opals glow in every color of the rainbow!
Set in 22kt gold, oxidized sterling silver, and accented with white diamonds .36 ctw.

Sheba's Opal Necklace

Sheba's Opal Necklace is a one-of-a-kind treasure that exudes feminine power. Faceted Ethiopian opal beads are the accompaniment to a 22kt gold clad pendant displaying rivulets of gleaming opal inside its host rock. The necklace is finished with an 18kt gold beaded bayonet clasp.

Approximate length: 16.5"

Zenobia Necklace

Named for the third century rebel queen who defeated Rome and went on to conquer Egypt, the Zenobia Necklace rules! Spectacular Ethiopian opals 4.14 ctw. are bezeled and framed in 22kt gold with gold beads and diamonds .08 ctw.; the 18kt gold rollo chain has an adjustable clasp.

Approximate length: 17-18"

Rose Cut Labradorite Necklace

Shimmering rose cut labradorites are set in 18kt gold bezels and linked together to form an exquisite 16" necklace. The total weight of the stones is 82 carats.

Ambrosia Necklace

The Ambrosia Necklace is all about abundance...rose cut sapphires 52.96 ctw. in soft, translucent tones are bezel set in 18kt gold...golden kites adorned with beads and twinkling diamonds .48 ctw. add an ultra-feminine touch.

Approximate length: 16"

Cranberry Pearl Necklace

A luscious mabé pearl pendant with a bezel set apatite suspended from a detachable strand of dyed cranberry-colored Chinese freshwater pearls.

Mabe Pearl Necklace

Designed by Norah Pierson, a shimmering mabe pearl is set in 18kt gold with white diamonds .26 ctw. An iridescent moonstone glows at the bottom.

Approximate size: 1.75 x 1.25"

The pendant is suspended on an 18" strand of white pearls, small golden pearls, apatite, and gold beads.

Rose Cut Sapphire Necklace

A singular treasure... 107 carats of rose cut sapphires are decadently wrapped in 22kt gold...their colors range from soft pink to aqua blue, to honey gold. The handcrafted toggle clasp is so artful it can be worn in front.

Opal and Sapphire Necklace

Vivid Australian boulder opals are paired with a dazzling purple sapphire and white diamonds in this remarkable pendant by Norah Pierson.
The 23kt baht chain is included.

Approximate size of pendant: 2.5"L x 1"W

Chain is 16", 30.2 grams of 23kt gold

Snake Chain and Ashanti Cross

The Golden Eye’s Ashanti Cross, rendered in sterling silver, 22kt gold, and citrine, is a perfect foil for Sharon Sorken's snake necklace. Sorken's piece is hand-crocheted with Japanese Miyuki beads made from palladium, 24kt gold plate, and black glass, elegantly finished with 22kt gold clasp and end caps.

Beaded chain length: 16"
Ashanti Cross approximate size 1.5 x 1.5

Ethiopian Opal Andromeda Pendant

How many realms could you rule in this fantastic necklace? A spectacular Ethiopian opal 5.24 ctw. is framed in 18kt gold with bright white diamonds .64 ctw. and spirited tsavorite garnets .28 ctw.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Chain sold separately.
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