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Natural Turquoise Seven Link Bracelet

Each stone is a revelation in this one-of-a-kind bracelet...
Kingman. Morenci, Damali, Blue Gem, Storey Mountain and Mongolian turquoise convene in an 18kt gold heirloom piece that will stand out for generations.

Approximate length: 7.75"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

22kt Gold Thai Weave Bracelet

Artist Keith Berge studies ancient weaving techniques from around the world...his 22kt gold Thai weave bracelet is finished with tooled end caps and a gold "S" clasp.

Ear-rangements > Drops

Rose Gold Set

It's the layering that keeps you coming back for more...our 18kt Rose Gold Acorn Drops with white diamonds .05 ctw. are the perfect foil for our 18kt Rose Gold Marquis Diamond .10 ctw. Drops...collect them all!

Approximate length (Acorn Drops): 1.25"
Approximate length (Marquis Diamond Drops): .6875"

Shown on our Small Rose Gold White Diamond .36 ctw. Pave Hoops (sold separately).
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Most of our jewelry can be made for you in rose or white 18kt gold.

Medium Gold Frame Drum Drops

Peened 18kt gold circles finished with gold beads serve as smashing stand alone drops and also provide nifty frames for our other drops, as pictured here with our Kingman Turquoise Drops.

Approximate diameter: 1"

Shown on our Large Ribbon Hoops (sold separately).
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Persian Turquoise and Moonstone Drops

Violaceous, faceted moonstones sparkle atop sky blue Persian turquoise enrobed in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Small Plain Hoops (sold separately).
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24kt Gold Continuous Hoops

Simple and very wearable, these are the hoops for you if you want something beautiful in your ears at all times! These 24kt hoops, a.k.a. sleeper hoops, are also a good choice for multiple piercings and they come in three sizes (not intended for use with dangles).

24kt Gold Large Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter: .625"

24kt Gold Medium Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter: .5"

24kt Gold Small Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter : .375"

Jewelry Info



We sometimes hear someone remark that turquoise jewelry is a "fad", or that they don't wear "Indian jewelry."
Well, if turquoise is a fad, it's got to be the longest running trend ever, as history records its popularity over 7,000 years ago! Archaeologists have recorded that the oldest known piece of jewelry is a gold and turquoise bracelet found on the arm of a mummified Egyptian Queen, around 5000 B.C.

The area once known as Persia, today's Iran, has been producing gem quality turquoise for centuries, as has China.
Native Americans have worked the stone since before the time of Christ. When the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo people learned silversmithing from the Spaniards in the 1800's, the stone was incorporated into their pieces. This jewelry was the precursor to the work we identify today as Indian jewelry.

Cerrillos, New Mexico is thought to be the location of the oldest turquoise mines in the country. Prior to the 1920's, the state was the country's largest producer; it is more or less exhausted today.

Arizona currently produces the most turquoise of value domestically. There are many other mines throughout the Southwest, many of which have been exhausted.

Turquoise is made up of phosphorus, copper, and aluminum. The copper is the mineral responsible for the identifying robin's egg blue color that is so valued in the stone.
The mother rock, or matrix, can often be seen running throughout the stone in a network pattern, adding interest and enhancing the beauty of the turquoise.

Most turquoise on the market today has had some kind of treatment to enhance or stabilize the stone. These procedures reduce the value of the stone in varying degrees.
Only about six percent of stones today are what we call "natural turquoise". These have not been altered in any way from their natural state. Stabilizing the turquoise is accomplished by impregnating the stone with an epoxy-type substance to make it more durable.

It is important when purchasing turquoise jewelry that the salesperson is able to indicate if the piece has been treated, or is natural.

Being a phosphate mineral, turquoise is inherently fragile and sensitive to solvents; perfume and other cosmetics will attack the finish and may alter the color of turquoise gems, as will skin oils and most commercial jewelry cleaning fluids. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may discolor or dehydrate turquoise. Care should be taken when wearing such jewels. Cosmetics, sunscreen, and hair spray should be applied before putting on turquoise jewelry.

After use, turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid a build up of residue, and should be stored in its own container to avoid being scratched by harder gems. Turquoise can also be adversely affected if stored in an airtight container-it likes to breathe.


Mixed 24kt Gold Necklaces

Refined and delicate, these elegant tribal necklaces come in a variety of colors with 24kt gold elements, made by ARA.
From top:
GEARA104 Lapis and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1425
GEARA105 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1470
GEARA103 Coral and 24kt Gold Circle Necklace 18" $1520
GEARA106 Turquoise and 24kt Gold Fish Necklace 17.25" $1590

Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace

Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace (GEARA100)

Oxidized silver tubular beads are interspersed with a variety of 24kt gold beads,finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a ruby, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Oxidized Silver, Sterling Silver, and 24kt Gold Necklace (GEARA99)

Oxidized silver, sterling silver, and 24kt gold tubular beads provide an exotic interplay, finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a white diamond, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 17"

Tribal Gold Nugget Necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
~Leonardo Da Vinci

Seventy-three natural 18kt gold nuggets are knotted with midnight blue silk thread and clasped in 18kt gold...need we say more?

Approximate length: 17"

Multi-stone Gold Disc Necklace

Tiny turquoise, coral, and lapis beads are strung with gleaming white seed pearls and handwrought 24kt gold discs, clasped with a pure gold shepherd's hook that holds a white diamond in its tip...created by Turkish designer ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Dyer Blue Turquoise Necklace

Exquisite domed ovals of bezel set Dyer Blue turquoise 13.36 ctw. lay between glistening diamonds .36 ctw...a voluptuous center stone is decked out with gold beads and additional diamonds...a significant 18kt gold chain weaves the whole look together...stunning!!

Approximate length: 17"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Black Tourmaline and Gold Star Necklace

Haven't you earned a few gold stars? Well, here they are with black tourmaline beads and golden spheres, all in 18kt gold, with a micro pave diamond clasp.

Approximate length: 18"

Black Tourmaline and Gold Pebble Necklace

A necklace to go with everything....smooth black tourmaline beads are embellished with 18kt gold stippled pebbles and finished with a micro pave diamond clasp.

Approximate length: 17.5"

Black Diamond and Gold Necklace

Perfect for day into night, ARA is the source of this stellar necklace made from shimmering black diamond beads and 24kt gold pear-shaped beads, clasped with a golden shepherd's hook finished with a tiny black diamond.

Approximate length: 18"

Hand Carved Turquoise Bead Necklace

Powder blue turquoise with copper matrix from the #8 mine in Nevada was hand carved into barrels and disks, and strung with 18kt beads to make a stunning necklace, from Michael Grant.

Approximate length: 24"

22kt Gold Thai Weave Necklace

A necklace that feels as magnificent as it looks...supple, substantial, and perfect for any occasion...finished with gold end caps and a diamond studded 'S" clasp...from Keith Berge.

Aquitane Aquamarine Necklace

To wear this necklace is to be anointed...eons of feminine power reside within the handcrafted sterling silver chain and natural surface aquamarine 30.19 cts. pendant, bezeled in 22kt gold and embellished with glistening apatites .15 Michael Jensen Designs.

Approximate necklace length: 24"

Ruby Beaded Necklace

Three strands of arresting magenta ruby beads are interspersed with 22kt gold flowers and discs...finished with 18kt gold beehive tips and our iconic 18kt gold Sea Serpent toggle clasp...who could ask for anything more?

Approximate length: 16"

Petite Earth Tone Diamond Necklace

Faceted diamond beads 28.5 ctw. in a neutral palette with 18kt gold spacers and a 14kt gold clasp. A perfect stand alone and also a great layering piece.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Diamond Maru Necklace

The Maru Necklace offers gravitas and grace in its stone-like composure...textured sterling silver contrasts with a glittering champagne diamond .82 cts. bezeled in 22kt Michael Jensen Designs.

Approximate length: 1.5"

Umba Sapphire Necklace

River sapphires in shades of raisin, gold, and sea foam are finely wire wrapped in 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold.

Adjustable length: 18-20"

Mercy Mantis Pearl Necklace

Here's a stellar piece from Norah Pierson's imagination...five strands of freshwater Chinese pearls in varying shades of aubergine make a fine home for Mercy Mantis...her articulated arms and legs make her appear as if she is chasing a diamond .15 cts. spider...the clasp of the necklace is made with geranium leaves...all in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 17"

Diamond Two Point Necklace

Michael Jensen Designs creates power symbols that conjure up ancient nobility...the Diamond Two Point Necklace is fashioned from sterling silver and 22kt gold, with white diamonds .20 ctw. flanking the golden center.

Approximate length (pendant): 1.5"

Approximate length (chain): 35"


Pixie Turquoise Triangle Pendant

From the Pixie Mine in Nevada comes an exceptional piece of turquoise with enough character to inspire generations of admiration...bezeled in 22kt gold with gold beads and a generous bail.

Approximate dimensions: L 2.75" x W 2.25"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Persephone Turquoise Pendant

Persephone, the goddess of flora, would approve of these classic lines: a celestial oval of Kingman turquoise 31 cts. is paired with dreamy holly purple agate 5.25 cts., and soft, parakeet green chrysoprase 2.59 cts...finished with twinkling white diamonds .16 ctw. in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 2"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit


Natural Turquoise Necklace

This stunning necklace is created with all natural domestic turquoise, including Blue Diamond from Nevada, Morenci and Sleeping Beauty from Arizona. The lustrous stones are set in 18kt gold.

Adjustable length : 16"to 18"

Apatite Rose Cut Necklace

Carribean blue rose cut apatite stones are set with 22kt gold and white diamonds to create a gorgeous necklace....matching drops are shown on our 18kt gold Diamond Pave Hoops.

Also shown is a bright and brilliant rose cut peridot and tourmaline necklace. This piece is made from 73 carats of peridot, accented with pink and golden tourmalines.

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Apatite rose cut necklace SOLD
Rosecut Peridot and Tourmaline Necklace SOLD

Turquoise Link Bracelet

Turquoise and gold...we never tire of the combination!

These ten natural turquoise stones are set in 18kt gold and form a beautiful, comfortable, and stunning bracelet.

Sheba's Opal Necklace

Sheba's Opal Necklace is a one-of-a-kind treasure that exudes feminine power. Faceted Ethiopian opal beads are the accompaniment to a 22kt gold clad pendant displaying rivulets of gleaming opal inside its host rock. The necklace is finished with an 18kt gold beaded bayonet clasp.

Approximate length: 16.5"

Zenobia Necklace

Named for the third century rebel queen who defeated Rome and went on to conquer Egypt, the Zenobia Necklace rules! Spectacular Ethiopian opals 4.14 ctw. are bezeled and framed in 22kt gold with gold beads and diamonds .08 ctw.; the 18kt gold rollo chain has an adjustable clasp.

Approximate length: 17-18"

Triple Turquoise Pendant

Three sky blue stones of natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise are stacked with white diamonds and set in 18k gold to make a beautiful tiered necklace. An exotic and sophisticated look!

Moonstone Cascade Necklace

You'll be swooning with us once you lay eyes on the marvelous Moonstone Cascade Necklace, fashioned from 22kt and 18kt gold. An incandescent oval moonstone holds court amidst two round accent moonstones 5.35 ctw. Four bright diamonds are complemented by twelve gold beads for a luxuriant feel. A curvaceous faceted moonstone briolette takes it over the rainbow.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Victorian Coral Intaglio Drops

A very special pair of antique coral intaglios from the Victorian era, set in 18kt and 22kt gold and embellished with diamonds .12 ctw. and pink-tipped coral tulips.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our Large Ribbon Hoops.
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Mabe Pearl Necklace

Designed by Norah Pierson, a shimmering mabe pearl is set in 18kt gold with white diamonds .26 ctw. An iridescent moonstone glows at the bottom.

Approximate size: 1.75 x 1.25"

The pendant is suspended on an 18" strand of white pearls, small golden pearls, apatite, and gold beads.

Natural Turquoise Bracelet

Lustrous gem quality turquoise from Nevada (Blue Gem, Carico Lake, Damali) and New Mexico (Tyrone) are bezeled and linked in 18kt gold to make a stellar one-of-a-kind bracelet.

Approximate length: 7"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Damali Turquoise Pendant

Watercolor splashes of deep sage green and soft ivory make this 18kt gold Damali Turquoise Pendant a timeless treasure.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Chain sold separately.


Turquoise and 24kt Gold Ring

Vibrant, pure turquoise is enrobed in luxurious 24kt gold for a striking color rush, created by ARA.

Mixed Metal Coral Ring

How we love the flattery of a ring with a vertical orientation! An oval piece of natural coral is strikingly framed in 18kt gold and blackened silver, and finished with 18kt gold beads and a textured sterling silver Michael Grant.

Pyrited Persian Turquoise Ring

Persian turquoise 24 cts. with pyrite matrix makes a one-of-a-kind statement in frosty 18kt gold.

Rings > Gallery of Stacks

Tower of Power

An over-the-top stack for the very long-fingered, the Tower of Power has it all. Opals, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds in a combination of 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and 24kt gold...a combination that brings to mind the glory of the Renaissance.

From top:

R1226 Venetian Tide 22kt Gold Granulated Band
RC420 Black Opal 22kt Gold Ring
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
RR0102-2a Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band
GEARA41 Emerald 22kt Gold Band
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band
R1035f Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths

Billboard Stack

So stunning, we put it on a billboard!

From top:

R1052 White Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
RC500 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring
ION59 Paraiba Tourmaline Platinum Eternity Band
R1189 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band
R1024 Piecrust 18kt Gold Band
RC506 Gem Silica Chrysocolla and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1063 Diamond 18kt Gold Low Tide Ring

Bombay High Rise

Living large with attitude! The Bombay High Rise is a glorious combination of sparkle and color in 18kt white gold, platinum, 18kt yellow gold and 22kt yellow gold.

From top:

ON019 Fat Diamond Platinum Eternity Band
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band
RC391S Bombay Sapphire and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1052a-1 White Diamond 18kt White Gold Vesta Band

Classic Black and Gold Stack

Opulent 22kt peened bands flank a rose cut 22kt gold black diamond 4.67 cts. ring.

From top:

R1118L Ladies' Wide Peened 22kt Gold Band
KB559 Black Diamond 22kt Gold Ring
R1118G Gent's Wide Peened 22kt Gold Band

Tower of Avalon

The Tower of Avalon captures the passion and intrigue of Arthurian times.

From top, all in 18kt gold:

R1035 Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths Ring
RR0102 Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band
RC429 Pink Sapphire 18kt Gold Castle Tower Ring
RR0102 Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1211 Multi-sapphire 18kt Gold Guinevere Band

Victoriana Stack

A delightful romp with pomp...glittering diamonds and a very fine ruby cabochon make a pact in 18kt gold.

From Top:

R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band
RC490 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Starburst Ring
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band
R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band

Gateau Stack-Up

Creamy layers of 18kt rose and yellow gold are accentuated with twinkling diamonds and a sweet pink sapphire.

From top:

RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Eternity Band
R1053R White Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Venus Band
RC469 Pink Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Band
RR1053 White Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band
RR0102 Cognac Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band

The Fempire Stack

An earthy mix of glowy browns and golds accented with twinkling white diamonds. Our Facebook fans helped us out with the name of this stack!

From top:

RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1036L Roman Tile 18kt Gold Band
RC546 Golden Sheen 18kt Gold Sapphire Band
RR1217 Diamond and 22kt gold Anjelica Band
RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band

Persepolis Stack

The finest elements of ancient culture converge in our Persepolis Stack.

From top:

ION014 Paraiba Tourmaline and Platinum Eternity Band
RR1217 Diamond 22kt Gold Anjelica Band
RC475 Persian Turquoise 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band
ION017 Emerald Platinum Eternity Band
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band

Alexandria Stack

Exotic colors and textures celebrate the intermingling of cultures in the universal language of beauty.

From top:

RC461 Green Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band
GEARA8 ARA Oxidized Silver 24kt Gold Ruby Band
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band
R1052 Brown Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
R1024 Lines 18kt Gold Variety Band

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