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Antique Scarab Earrings
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Antique Scarab Earrings

Hatshepsut was one of only a few female pharaohs. During her 21-year reign, she built numerous temples in her image to underscore the legitimacy of female sovereignty. Although many who succeeded her attempted to erase her influence, the benefits she conferred upon the Egyptian people were undeniable.
The scarab-beetle, symbol of the Egyptian Sun God, was esteemed as a talisman of transformation. Scarabs were worn for protection, good luck, and spiritual power.
Artist Melinda Risk has created a timeless version of the treasured artifact...iridescent green scarabs are anchored in intricately beaded 22kt gold frames...golden, rose cut diamonds crown each one...white diamonds are haloed in 22kt gold for extra radiance.

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Antique Scarab Earrings (RSK33)

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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