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Frog and Lily Pad Cuff

Experience the Art Nouveau elegance of our Frog and Lily Pad Cuff in 18kt gold with opal eyes and accents.

Ear-rangements > Drops

Pink Peruvian Opal Teardrops

Pink Peruvian opals 25 ctw. in a very becoming shade are bezeled and beaded in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Large Ribbon Hoops (sold separately).
To view more hoop styles:
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Peruvian Opal Studs

Perfect little ovals of Caribbean green 1.19 ctw. are bezeled in 22kt gold and backed in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: .25"

Jewelry Care

Diamond Beads

Put your necklace on with the clasp in front of you, and then move the necklace around so the clasp is in the back. This procedure puts much less strain on the area where the clasp is attached to the beads. This is the area that receives the most stress.

We recommend restringing once a year. Do not sleep or shower with your diamond beads on.

Adjusting"W" Clasps

The “W” clasp on your chain or necklace is a classic design, used for thousands of years as a closure. It is made of 24kt gold and is very flexible.

To open the clasp, push one “wing” of the W forward. Do not pull out laterally. To insure a secure closure, push the “wing” back to center, and align with the center loop.

After many uses you may find your clasp becoming stiff. This can easily be remedied by having it annealed. This is a process where the gold is heated and cooled, making the piece soft and flexible once again. Any reputable jeweler can do this for you. If you would like us to do it, please allow 1-3 days for completion.


Burmese Sapphire Necklace

Natural, deep blue, Burmese sapphires 45 ctw. are subtly ornamented with 20kt gold beads and finished with an 18kt gold will never want to take it off!!!

Approximate length: 19"

Black Tourmaline and Gold Star Necklace

Haven't you earned a few gold stars? Well, here they are with black tourmaline beads and golden spheres, all in 18kt gold, with a micro pave diamond clasp.

Approximate length: 18"

Earth Tone Diamond Necklace

Glittering cubes of natural colored diamonds 62.93 ctw. with 18kt gold spacers and clasp...a distinctive stand alone piece and great for layering.

Approximate length: 17"

Kyanite and Tourmaline Lozenge Necklace

Marine blue kyanites and a variety of green tourmalines unite to create precious colored light in lush frames of 22kt and 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 14.5-18"

Shown with our Kyanite and Emerald Lozenge Drops in 18kt gold.

Apatite and Vasonite Necklace

Caribbean blue apatite and beach glass-green vasonite are bezeled in 22kt gold and linked together with an 18kt gold adjustable chain, resulting in a veritable deluge of color.

Approximate length: 16-18"

Lapis Marquis Necklace

A triple strand of sparkling lapis beads interspersed with 20kt gold disks is the setting for a striking piece of marquis lapis.

Approximate length: 17"

Black Diamond and Keshi Pearl Necklace

Here's a posh look...faceted oval black diamonds 84 ctw. are interspersed with seven silver-grey Tahitian Keshi pearls 51 ctw. and clasped with white gold.

Approximate length: 22"

Multi-stone Gold Disc Necklace

Tiny turquoise, coral, and lapis beads are strung with gleaming white seed pearls and handwrought 24kt gold discs, clasped with a pure gold shepherd's hook that holds a white diamond in its tip...created by Turkish designer ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Ruby Beaded Necklace

Three strands of arresting magenta ruby beads are interspersed with 22kt gold flowers and discs...finished with 18kt gold beehive tips and our iconic 18kt gold Sea Serpent toggle clasp...who could ask for anything more?

Approximate length: 16"

Chocolate Diamond Necklace

You won't believe the sparkle in these chocolate diamond beads 35.3 ctw., interspersed with tasteful 18kt gold spacers!

Approximate length: 16"

Dyer Blue Turquoise Necklace

Exquisite domed ovals of bezel set Dyer Blue turquoise 13.36 ctw. lay between glistening diamonds .36 ctw...a voluptuous center stone is decked out with gold beads and additional diamonds...a significant 18kt gold chain weaves the whole look together...stunning!!

Approximate length: 17"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Petite Earth Tone Diamond Necklace

Faceted diamond beads 28.5 ctw. in a neutral palette with 18kt gold spacers and a 14kt gold clasp. A perfect stand alone and also a great layering piece.

Approximate length: 16-18" adjustable

Triple Strand Ruby Necklace

Vivid dark red rubies 60 ctw. are strung with 18kt gold beads and capped with golden cones for a luxurious look.

Approximate length: 16.5"

Faceted Aquamarine Necklace

Crepescular aqua beads are punctuated with micro pave diamond mixed metal rondelles, 18kt gold micro pave rondelles, and two delightful rose cut diamond 18kt gold beads.

Approximate length: 18"

Tribal Gold Nugget Necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
~Leonardo Da Vinci

Seventy-three natural 18kt gold nuggets are knotted with midnight blue silk thread and clasped in 18kt gold...need we say more?

Approximate length: 17"

Umba Sapphire Necklace

River sapphires in shades of raisin, gold, and sea foam are finely wire wrapped in 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold.

Adjustable length: 18-20"

Turquoise, Coral, Gold Nugget Necklace

Here's a surefire way to rejuvenate your jewelry wardrobe...round turquoise beads are combined with irregular pieces of coral and 18kt gold nuggets...wear it full length or double it!

Approximate length: 34"

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Black Tourmaline Pebble Necklace

Smooth pebbles of black tourmaline are accented with 18kt gold nuggets.

Approximate length: 20"

The Prehnite Soul's Compass Pendant

Magic is afoot in this one-of-a-kind 18kt gold pendant.

A prehnite 20 cts. lozenge highlights a carved back plate depicting the sacred geometry of the Flower of 18kt gold frame illuminates the four directions with dazzling tsavorite garnets .36 ctw., pink sapphires .36 ctw., and white diamonds .08 ctw...the back of the pendant reveals the North Star with an emerald .03 cts. cabochon at its center...a generous hinged enhancer provides the option to wear the pendant on a variety of necklaces....and, oh my, the companion necklace: glistening olive sapphires 62 ctw. reflecting 18kt gold beads!!!

Approximate diameter of The Soul's Compass: 1"

Approximate length of the Sapphire Companion Necklace: 19.5"

Griffin Pendant

The griffin is a mythical creature made up of the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; it has the head and wings of an eagle. Many cultures revere this creature as a symbol of courage, guardian of the Divine, and bearer of wealth.

Michael Jensen Designs presents an evocative necklace in sterling silver and 24kt gold...a memento of chivalry, reminding us of the levels to which we can rise.

Approximate length: 18"


Nevada Wood Opal Pendant with Garnet and Sapphire Briolettes

Opalized wood is set in a combination of 18kt and 22kt gold and finished with garnet and sapphire briolettes.

Approximate length: 1.5"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Jelly Bean & Egg Pendants

Adorn yourself with scrumptious Jelly Bean & Nest Egg Pendants hung on silky 18kt gold bails from Harmony Spark. The White Moonstone Nest Egg, Tahitian Pearl,and Aquamarine Jelly Bean pendants are shown on a signature 18kt gold 30" chain, all sold separately.

Approximate length 1.25" - .75"

HS101 White Moonstone Nest Egg Pendant - SOLD
HS103 Tahitian Pearl Pendant - SOLD
HS107 Aquamarine Jelly Bean Pendant - Call for Pricing
HS104 18kt Gold Chain Necklace 30" - Call for Pricing


Dawn to Dusk Opal Drops

A set of drops dedicated to the ephemeral bridge between day and night...Ethiopian opals 18.15 ctw. are bezeled in 22kt gold and crowned with sapphires in warm and cool tones.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our diamond Cypress Hoops.
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Mabe Pearl Necklace

Designed by Norah Pierson, a shimmering mabe pearl is set in 18kt gold with white diamonds .26 ctw. An iridescent moonstone glows at the bottom.

Approximate size: 1.75 x 1.25"

The pendant is suspended on an 18" strand of white pearls, small golden pearls, apatite, and gold beads.

Opal Earrings

Deep cobalt blue Australian boulder opals set in 22kt gold are hinged beneath flashing blue moonstones.

Cranberry Pearl Necklace

A luscious mabé pearl pendant with a bezel set apatite suspended from a detachable strand of dyed cranberry-colored Chinese freshwater pearls.

Boulder Opal Earrings

Spectacular boulder opals are set in a one-of-a kind design in 18kt gold by Norah Pierson. Unbelievable color, fire and luster in these stones!

Rose Cut Sapphire Necklace

A singular treasure... 107 carats of rose cut sapphires are decadently wrapped in 22kt gold...their colors range from soft pink to aqua blue, to honey gold. The handcrafted toggle clasp is so artful it can be worn in front.

Aurora Borealis Pendant

It all started with an otherworldly Ethiopian opal 24.46 cts. that sparked the imagination of a visionary artist who called in the teal tourmalines 1.04 ctw., white diamonds .14 ctw., tsavorite garnets .04 ctw., and sapphires .02 ctw. as her allies and arranged a splendid constellation for them in 18kt yellow and white gold.

Approximate length: 2"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Snake Chain and Ashanti Cross

The Golden Eye’s Ashanti Cross, rendered in sterling silver, 22kt gold, and citrine, is a perfect foil for Sharon Sorken's snake necklace. Sorken's piece is hand-crocheted with Japanese Miyuki beads made from palladium, 24kt gold plate, and black glass, elegantly finished with 22kt gold clasp and end caps.

Beaded chain length: 16"
Ashanti Cross approximate size 1.5 x 1.5

Midnight Sun

Designed by Norah Pierson, this 18kt gold pendant features an exquisite Boulder Opal surrounded by brilliant diamonds .83 ctw.

Chain sold separately.

Triple Turquoise Pendant

Three sky blue stones of natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise are stacked with white diamonds and set in 18k gold to make a beautiful tiered necklace. An exotic and sophisticated look!

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"


Sally Salamander Ring

Our affectionate little 18kt salamander curls around your finger and peeks at you with its luminous opal eyes.

Fannie Frog

Fun, whimsical and sure to make you smile , Fannie Frog is created from 18kt gold and gazes at you with opal eyes. This ring can be worn on any finger, but seems to like to rest on the pinky best.

Current size: 5

Annie Alligator Ring

Annie Alligator is handcrafted from 18kt gold and has dazzling opal eyes. She is sure to amuse and enchant the wearer.

Rings > Gallery of Stacks

Tower of Power

An over-the-top stack for the very long-fingered, the Tower of Power has it all. Opals, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds in a combination of 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and 24kt gold...a combination that brings to mind the glory of the Renaissance.

From top:

R1226 Venetian Tide 22kt Gold Granulated Band
RC420 Black Opal 22kt Gold Ring
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
RR0102-2a Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band
GEARA41 Emerald 22kt Gold Band
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band
R1035f Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths

Wedding Rings

Rattlesnake Ring

Glowing opal eyes animate our Rattlesnake Ring...distinctive markings shine in 18kt gold. Also available with ruby eyes.

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