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The item Pink Tourmaline Cabochon 22kt Gold Ring is currently unavailable.


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Rose Gold Set

It's the layering that keeps 'em coming back for more...our 18kt Rose Gold Acorn Drops with white diamonds .05 ctw. are the perfect foil for our 18kt Rose Gold Marquis Diamond .10 ctw. Drops...collect 'em all!

Approximate length (Acorn Drops): 1.25"
Approximate length (Marquis Diamond Drops): .6875"

Shown on our Rose Gold Diamond Pave Hoops (sold separately).
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Most of our jewelry can be made for you in rose or white 18kt gold.

Pink Sapphire Spears

Get a little night fever with our dazzling Pink Sapphire Spears in oxidized sterling silver with 22kt gold bails.

Approximate length: 2.75"

Shown on our Ribbon Hoops (sold separately).
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Black Tourmaline Bell Drops

Flashing wedges of natural surface black tourmaline are bezeled in 18kt gold and topped with white diamonds .10 ctw. and tiny gold beads.

Shown on our Diamond Pave Hoops.
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Small Gold Frame Drum Drops

Peened 18kt gold circles finished with gold beads serve as smashing stand alone drops and also provide nifty frames for our other drops, as pictured here with our Rubellite Tourmaline Spice Drops.

Approximate diameter: .75"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops (sold separately).
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Pink Peruvian Opal Teardrops

Pink Peruvian opals 25 ctw. in a very becoming shade are bezeled and beaded in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Large Ribbon Hoops (sold separately).
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Nissa Drops with Pink Tourmalines

Radiant aegises of 18kt gold are ornamented with pink tourmalines .91 ctw. and pear-shaped dangles.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Gardenia Hoops (sold separately).
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Pink Sapphire Triangle Drops

Delicate pastel pink sapphires 1.01 ctw. and plentiful white diamonds .28 ctw. are set in 18kt gold.

Approximate length: .75"

Shown on our Gardenia Hoops (sold separately).
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Tourmaline Parasol Drops

Pretty pink Parasol Drops, made to brighten your day!
Juicy rubellite tourmalines 15 ctw. are set in 18kt gold and accented with purple and green sapphires.

Approximate length .75"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops (sold separately).
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Black Tourmaline Studs

Glassy, classy black tourmaline 5.8 ctw. is bezeled in a combination of 22kt and 18kt gold...this stone is reputed to ward off negativity.

Approximate length: .375"

Pretty In Pink Earrings

Carved moonstone cabs assume a leaf pattern... detachable drops begin with pink sapphire-studded .02 ctw. freshwater pearls and end with sumptuous pink Peruvian opals, fitted with bezel set rubies .08 ctw. on the blossom ends...all in 18kt gold, made by the enchanting Laila Ionescu.

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Approximate length (studs): .875"

Approximate length (drops): 1.25"

24kt Gold Continuous Hoops

Simple and very wearable, these are the hoops for you if you want something beautiful in your ears at all times! These 24kt hoops, a.k.a. sleeper hoops, are also a good choice for multiple piercings and they come in three sizes (not intended for use with dangles).

24kt Gold Large Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter: .625"

24kt Gold Medium Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter: .5"

24kt Gold Small Continuous Hoops
Approximate diameter : .375"


Paraiba Tourmaline Pendant

From the Paraiba mine in Brazil comes an exceptional slice of tourmaline 5.7 cts. absolutely drenched in beauty, crowned with dazzling blue apatites .26 ctw. and white diamonds .06 ctw., bezeled in 22kt gold and finished in 18kt gold with a pave diamond hinged bail. Ladies-this is rock star material!

Approximate length: 1.5"

Chain sold separately.
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Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace

Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Bead Necklace (GEARA100)

Oxidized silver tubular beads are interspersed with a variety of 24kt gold beads,finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a ruby, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 18"

Oxidized Silver, Sterling Silver, and 24kt Gold Necklace (GEARA99)

Oxidized silver, sterling silver, and 24kt gold tubular beads provide an exotic interplay, finished with an oxidized silver shepherd's hook set with a white diamond, from Turkish jeweler ARA.

Approximate length: 17"

Rubellite Tourmaline Maltese Cross

Our 18kt gold Maltese Cross turns palatial, fitted with a rubellite tourmaline cabochon 2.16 cts., luscious faceted rubellites 1.08 ctw., and twinkling white diamonds .20 ctw.

Approximate length: 2"

Chain sold separately.
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Rainbow Bridge Tourmaline Pendant

A talisman that Hendrix would approve of, the Rainbow Bridge is made of a tourmaline which has grown inside a piece of rainbow quartz, suspended from an 18kt gold frame embellished with tourmaline, amethyst, and emerald cabochons.

Approximate dimensions: 1.5" L x 1.5"

Chain sold separately.
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Kyanite and Tourmaline Lozenge Necklace

Marine blue kyanites and a variety of green tourmalines unite to create precious colored light in lush frames of 22kt and 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 14.5-18"

Shown with our Kyanite and Emerald Lozenge Drops in 18kt gold.

Indicolite Tourmaline Sun Pendant

One of the prettiest stones in town, a vibrant blue green tourmaline .96 ctw., is sitting in the middle of a bevy of sparkling pave diamonds .26 ctw., enrobed in 18kt gold...come and get it!

Chain sold separately.
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Honeycomb Ring

A most spectacular 51.46 ct., honey-colored, golden beryl is the center of this intricate ring designed by Amy Bertelli.
The sides of the honeycomb are embellished with buzzing little bees and andradite garnets.
Created in 18kt and 22kt gold, it is currently a size 6.

Kunzite Ring

An absolutely amazing, 58 carat kunzite stone perches on top of this ring created in sterling silver and 18kt gold. White diamonds and green demantoid garnets surround the bezel, enhancing the soft pink kunzite. Additional demantoids are set on the side of the carved silver shank.

Current size: 9.25

Elemental Swing Ring

Designed by the inimitable Norah Pierson, this 18kt gold ring boasts a 33.67 ct. Rubellite Tourmaline, two swinging Tanzanite teardrops, artful white pave diamonds .26 ctw., and strategically placed rubies .36 ctw.

Current size 8. May be sized 7-9

Sunstone Ring

Twinkling,natural copper and hematite crystals create the "schiller", or iridescence, in this beautiful Oregon sunstone ring. The 10 carat cabochon is set in 18kt gold, and graced with additonal sunstones and diamonds around the rim.

Apatite Rose Cut Necklace

Carribean blue rose cut apatite stones are set with 22kt gold and white diamonds to create a gorgeous necklace....matching drops are shown on our 18kt gold Diamond Pave Hoops.

Also shown is a bright and brilliant rose cut peridot and tourmaline necklace. This piece is made from 73 carats of peridot, accented with pink and golden tourmalines.

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Apatite rose cut necklace SOLD
Rosecut Peridot and Tourmaline Necklace SOLD

Coral Ring

Set in gleaming 22kt gold, this rare, exquisite 55 ct. coral cabochon represents elegant simplicity at its best!

Adobe in the Snow Ring

An absolutely incredible creation! This ring,designed by Norah Pierson, is an expertly carved Pueblo Adobe in 18kt gold, with a luminous pearl "snow " roof.

Russian Demantoid Ring

An extraordinary 1.25 ct. Russian demantoid garnet is the center stone in this 18kt gold ring. It is accented with shimmering white diamonds .36 ctw.

Current size: 6


Honey Sapphire Be Mine Ring

Hey, honey dripper, there's a ring you should know about...a golden sapphire 1.52 ctw. cabochon is sitting pretty in a 22kt gold setting with your name on it!

Holly Purple Agate Ring

Certain stones are mesmerizing and this is one of oval Holly Purple Agate 36.75 cts. glows forth, bezeled in 22kt gold, flanked by 22kt gold bead triangles, and fitted with a wide sterling silver shank.

Tourmaline and Garnet Ring

A cheerful red rubellite tourmaline is paired with two bright orange spessartite garnets. White diamonds are strategically set to be visible only to the wearer.

Current size: 7

Pillow For Dreaming Ring

Ion Ionescu won 1st place in the AGTA Evening Category for this innovative 18kt gold ring made with custom cut labradorite and Paraiba tourmalines 1.62 ctw...the ring sits beautifully on the hand, showing chatoyancy at every angle.

Golden Sapphire Be Mine Ring

Like a fine Napa chardonnay as it hits the glass, this cabochon yellow sapphire 3.39 cts. isn't shy about throwing light around...its radiance is further enhanced by a lustrous 22kt gold bezel and shank.

Mixed Metal Coral Ring

How we love the flattery of a ring with a vertical orientation! An oval piece of natural coral is strikingly framed in 18kt gold and blackened silver, and finished with 18kt gold beads and a textured sterling silver Michael Grant.

Fire Agate Be Mine Ring III

Orange and golden brown hues intermingle in our luminous Fire Agate Be Mine Ring in 22kt gold.

Diamond Pyramid Ring

As luxuriously understated as a four-ply cashmere sweater, the Diamond Pyramid Ring extols the beauty of a natural grey diamond 10.71 cts. with a simple frame of 22kt gold.

Otter Ring

Isn't he just adorable? Our little Otter Ring is available in sterling silver, and can be made in 18kt gold as well.

Current size: 8

Midnight Blue Star Sapphire Ring

Through a phenomenon known as asterism, small needle-like inclusions of the mineral rutile show up inside a cabochon in a star pattern. Our nicely domed Midnight Blue Star Sapphire 6 cts. Ring would make a nice addition to your constellation!

Diamond Kaleidoscope Ring

"Nicky Arnstein, Nicky Arnstein..." Remember Omar Sharif in Funny Girl? Wouldn't he have rocked this ring? A glittering checkerboard black diamond 5.85 cts. is set in 18kt gold and flanked with pave black diamonds for extra pizzaz.

Blue Diamond Turquoise Ring

A beautifully dappled piece of Blue Diamond turquoise rests in a softly ridged 18kt gold setting, trimmed with a crescent of gold beads.

A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will benefit

Water Sprite Ring

The velocity of water expresses itself well in this joyous 18kt gold ring with white diamonds .12 ctw.

Mixed Metal Medusa Ring

The Medusa image was used in ancient times to ward off evil; in more recent times, her image has represented the determination of women to dismantle the inequities of sexism.
Susan Sims' version features a sterling silver Medusa replica coin in a sea of 22kt gold.

Red Spinel Double Scallop Ring

A graceful adornment for those that yearn for the sea...a pair of dainty 18kt gold scallop shells cradle a deep red spinel cabochon embellished with two tiny gleaming diamonds .02 ctw.

South Sea Pearl Open Ripple Ring

Back by popular mermaid demand, the 18kt gold Open Ripple Ring is set with a creamy golden pearl 11.5mm and trimmed with glistening white diamonds .14 ctw.

Rutillated Quartz Eclipse Ring

Fascinating patterns enliven the rutillated center of our Eclipse Ring...its heavy 18kt gold bezel is scored and textured, and studded with Mali garnets .61 ctw. and cognac diamonds .16 ctw...the handsome shank is curved and then squared to fit in between your fingers like a glove.

Rings > Gallery of Stacks

Abstract Stack-Up

Bold shapes and textures collide.

From top:

R1179 Opposing Waves 18kt Gold Ring $1560
RC480 Andradite Garnet and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring $4200
R0981 Pyrite 18kt Gold Ring $1345

The Fempire Stack

An earthy mix of glowy browns and golds accented with twinkling white diamonds. Our Facebook fans helped us out with the name of this stack!

From top:

RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2200
R1036L Roman Tile 18kt Gold Band $1530
RC546 Golden Sheen 18kt Gold Sapphire Band SOLD
RR1217 Diamond and 22kt gold Anjelica Band $2350
RR0102 White Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2100

Ottoman Stack

The Sultanate of Women (1520-1650) was a time of empowerment for high-ranking women of the Ottoman Empire...the ornate, luxurious, and colorful attire of the time would've been a perfect fit for our vibrant stack, rank notwithstanding!

From top:

RR1230 Knife Edge 18kt Gold Band $385
ION79 Black Diamond and Platinum Eternity Band $1350
RC474 Andradite Garnet and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring $4600
GEARA52 ARA Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Ruby Band $900
RC460 Bi-Color Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band SOLD

Alexandria Stack

Exotic colors and textures celebrate the intermingling of cultures and the universal language of beauty.

From top:

RC461 Green Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band $2400 SOLD
GEARA8 ARA Oxidized Silver 24kt Gold Ruby Band $900
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band SOLD
R1052 Brown Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2235
R1024 Lines 18kt Gold Variety Band $545

Wedding Rings

Cognac Diamond Byzantium Ring

Stackable...check...everything checks out in our fabulous 22kt gold Cognac Diamond 1.11 cts. Byzantium Ring, ringed with gold beads and white diamonds .08 cwt.

Sapphire Circle of Wreaths Ring

Our much-loved 18kt gold Circle of Wreaths Ring is the setting for a deep blue sapphire .21 ctw. that beams with old world romance.

Triple Ouroboros Ring

This iconic design was first seen in Egypt in 1300 B.C. The serpent eating its tail represents the eternal nature of creation. Our Ouroboros Ring is crafted from 18kt gold.

Diamond Starburst Ring

Prepare to be stunned by the beauty of our Diamond Starburst Ring. A dazzling white diamond .90 cts. is surrounded by scintillating diamond melee .16 ctw. in satiny 18kt gold. Wear it alone or stack it up.