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The item Red Spinel Byzantium Ring is currently unavailable.

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Gondola Drops Assorted

The petite but bright 18kt gold Gondola Drops are perfect for an every day solo drop, or combined with a backdrop.
Our tanzanite Gondolas are shown layered with Potato Chip Pearls (call for availability).
Also shown: red spinel, spessartite garnet, and moonstone.

Approximate length: .625"

Shown on our Large Plain Hoops (sold separately).
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Ruby Tabla Drops

Passionate, deep red rubies .32 ctw. and striking white diamonds .12 ctw. are the perfect foil for our 18kt gold Tabla Drops.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Diamond Cypress Hoops (sold separately).
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Garnet Aphrodite Drops

Sensual red garnets 2 ctw. reside within an 18kt gold Aphrodite frame studded with shimmering white diamonds .24 ctw.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops (sold separately).
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Petite Citrine Briolettes

Honey-colored droplets of warm citrine are crowned with passionate red sapphires .26 ctw.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Cypress Hoops (sold separately).
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Garnet Pierced Arrow Drops

Sultry red garnets dangle from our 18kt gold and white diamond .09 ctw. Pierced Arrow Drops.

Approximate length: 1"

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Garnet Medusa Drops

These drops deserve the High Priestess Stamp of Approval...deep red garnet briolettes are suspended from diamond-studded .15 ctw. swirls of 18kt gold.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our Cypress Hoops (sold separately).
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Citrine and Garnet Geneva Drops

Golden citrines and rich red garnets live happily ever after in wedded bliss in our 18kt gold Geneva Drops.

Approximate length: 1.25"

Shown on our Large Plain Hoops (sold separately).
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Garnet Infinity Drops

Lush red garnet briolettes dangle from our 18kt gold Infinity Drops in fine haute hippy style.

Approximate length: 1"

Shown on our Narrow Beaded Hoops (sold separately).
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Jewelry Care


We recommend that all rings with gemstones have an annual check up by a jeweler to insure that they are secure. Certain stones may become worn and scratched with daily wear. Eternity Bands (set with stones that occupy the total circumference of the ring) can be vulnerable to damage if worn during strenuous activities involving the handling of heavy objects (weightlifting, landscaping, etc.). If you would like to have your rings refurbished, please feel free to contact us.

Jewelry Info

Opal and Tourmaline

Opal and Tourmaline
Water, sky, fire, and rainbows...all of these elements of nature seem to be embodied in the magnificent opal.

The opal is October's birthstone.

The Australian aborigines tell the story of the Creator coming down to earth from heaven on a rainbow to bring the message of peace to humans. Where his feet touched the ground, it became alive with opalescent color.

It is a fact that 95% of the world's opals are mined in the outback of Australia.

Opals are composed of a mineraloid gel, a mineral-like substance that does not demonstrate crystallinity as most gems do. Deposited in rock fissures, such as limonite, sandstone, or basalt, the small spheres of gel cause interference and refraction manifestations, resulting in the unique color play of the opal.

The opal is made up of at least 3% water, but can have a water content as high as 20%. It can become brittle when stored dry, and the color play may pale when exposed to heat for a long period. It is best to wear your opals regularly. They need to absorb the humidity from the air and the skin. They are rated a 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale, so caution is needed in order to avoid stress and abrasion to the stone.

Ethiopian Hydrophane opals have a different relationship with humidity and oils. They are happiest when they have less contact with skin oils and perspiration.

The tourmaline is also recognized as a birthstone for October. It may be a good alternative for the person who wants to wear their jewelry a little harder . The tourmaline is 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a very durable stone.

The word tourmaline means "stone with mixed color." They are found in nature in virtually every hue of the rainbow, often with multiple colors in the same stone. The watermelon tourmaline, with three distinct colors, is one of the most fascinating specimens.

Mined mainly in Brazil and Africa, tourmaline is one of the most utilized stones in jewelry today. Rubellite describes a deep red tourmaline, Paraiba, an intense blue green, and Canary, a golden yellow. No two tourmalines are exactly alike, making them a perfect choice for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Legend has classified the tourmaline as the stone of love and friendship, rendering them firm and lasting.


When is a sapphire not a sapphire? When it's red, because then it's a ruby!

Both gemstones are a variety of corundum, a crystalline form of aluminum oxide, a mineral second in hardness only to diamond.

Known in Sanskrit as Ratnaraj, the king of gems, rubies have been a treasured gemstone for centuries. The first reference of the stone dates back to 200 B.C., from the literature of the northern Silk Road where they were transported from China to Persia.

Rubies have been used throughout history to adorn the armor, scabbards, harnesses, and crowns of nobles, kings, and queens. Until the 20th century, the ruby was thought to be more valuable than the diamond. It is the birthstone for July and the symbol for love, vivacity, power, and passion.

Rubies are found in Tanzania, Kenya, Pakistan, Montana, North and South Carolina, and under the ice shelf in Greenland.

Burma has always been known as the source of the deep pigeon blood ruby, the most prized color in the ruby world. However, due to the Burmese government's egregious human rights record, Congress passed the Block Burmese JADE Act in October of 2008. Although the U.S. did have a ban on the trade of Burmese gems, this measure closed an important loophole that had allowed the import of Burmese gems via third countries, such as India.

The sapphire, most commonly known as a deep blue gemstone, actually has a fascinating range of color. Almost every color of the rainbow exists naturally in sapphires. A rare color-change sapphire exhibits blue in natural light and a violet-purple in artificial light.

Some stones contain inclusions of small rutile needles that exhibit a property called asterism. This effect produces the " sapphire, displayed only in a cabochon cut, and can have six to twelve rays emanating from its center."

The finest specimens of sapphire were mined in Kashmir, Northern India in the late 1800's to about 1920. Today they are imported from Eastern Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and are also found in Montana and North Carolina.

September is the month of the sapphire. In legend and folklore the stone is said to work as an anti-depressant and act as an aid in telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection. So whether you are feeling a bit down, want to know what's going on, or feel the need to get the heck off the planet, a piece of sapphire jewelry might be just what you need!


Silvio's Cross with Rubies

One of our most popular pendants, Silvio's Cross is made of 18kt gold and can be set with a variety of stones. Shown is a piece with deep red rubies.

Approximate size: 1" x .5"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

New Items

Padparadscha Diamond Stack

A gorgeous salmon Padparadscha sapphire is the inspiration for this palatial stack.

From top to bottom:

R1130 Roman Tile II 18kt Gold Band with Brown Diamond Crystal (diamond not shown) $2100
RC483 Diamond Freyja 18kt Gold Band $6200
R1024a-5 Piecrust 18kt Rose Gold Band $635
RR0102-2A Cognac Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1990
RC560 Padparadscha Sapphire 18kt Gold Byzantium Ring $3420
R1052a-R White Diamond 18kt Rose Gold Vesta Band $2800

Opal Hummingbird Moth

Enthralling swatches of red, orange, purple, gold, and green swirl beneath the tortoise shell surface of our Ethiopian Hydrophane Hummingbird Moth Pendant 19 ctw...this beauty is topped and tailed with scarlet sapphires, tsavorite garnets, and white diamonds, and bezeled in luxurious 22kt gold.

Approximate length: 2.5"

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Triple Strand Ruby Necklace

Vivid dark red rubies 60 ctw. are strung with 18kt gold beads and capped with golden cones for a luxurious look.

Approximate length: 16.5"

Shaka Coin Pendant

This is an 18kt gold Shaka Coin replica; the original coin dates from the 4th century, from a kingdom that was located in present day Afghanistan, Pakistan, and western India.

One side bears the image of a king, presumably Shaka, and the other side depicts Ardoxsho, Goddess of Abundance. The pendant is bezeled, beaded, and bailed in 22kt gold...the king side is embellished with regal red spinels .89 ctw...the Ardoxsho side, with radiant blue moonstones 1.2 ctw.

Chain sold separately.
See chains

Cushion Cut Solitaire

Classic style with contemporary design combine for a gorgeous solitaire diamond ring. The cushion cut diamond 1.01cts. has a subtle platinum bezel and an 18kt gold band.


Roman Coin Bracelet

Five ancient bronze Roman coins are set in 22kt gold and complemented with a rose cut red ruby. Additional rubies and diamonds enhance the hand made clasp.
Total length: 8"

Color Burst Earrings

A perfect pairing for the Azalea ring. These earrings were custom made with multicolor sapphires and diamonds to create an exotic allure.

Coptic Cross Earrings

The inspiration for these stunning earrings is the ancient Ethiopian cross. Although substantial in size, they are intentionally balanced to be very comfortable. They are fashioned from 18kt gold and set with red rubies (available with diamonds-price will vary).

Approximate size: 1.625" x .75"


Aquamarine Guinevere Band

We are swooning over the 18kt gold Aquamarine Guinevere Ring with its breathy, shimmering baby blueness. Don't wear it when you're won't be able to keep your eyes on the road!

Diamond Vesta Band

One of our most revered designs, the Diamond Vesta Band .80 ctw. is substantial enough to stand alone and is also a strong performer in a stack-up. This ring can be made in 18kt yellow, rose, or white gold and set with white or brown diamonds (prices will vary).

Size 9 and above, please call for pricing.

Shown with 18kt gold Pie Crust Variety Bands (sold separately).

Fannie Frog

Fun, whimsical and sure to make you smile , Fannie Frog is created from 18kt gold and gazes at you with opal eyes. This ring can be worn on any finger, but seems to like to rest on the pinky best.

Current size: 5

Rings > Gallery of Stacks

Tower of Avalon

The Tower of Avalon captures the passion and intrigue of Morgan le Fay, the famed enchantress from Arthurian times.

From top, all in 18kt gold:

R1035 Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths Ring $1485
RR0102 Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1900
RC429 Pink Sapphire 18kt Gold Castle Tower Ring SOLD
RR0102 Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1900
R1211 Multi-sapphire 18kt Gold Guinevere Band $1900

Tivoli Gardens Stack

Pleasure and beauty and fun come together in this whimsical stack.

From top:

R1063 White Diamond 18kt Gold Low Tide Ring $2300
RC504 Butterscotch and White Diamond 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring $2055 SOLD
R1211 Sapphire and Diamond 18kt Gold Guinevere Band $2220

Victoriana Stack

A delightful romp with pomp...glittering diamonds and a very fine ruby cabochon make a pact in 18kt gold.

From Top:

R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band $1355
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band $545
RC490 Ruby and Diamond 18kt Gold Starburst Ring $4250 SOLD
R1024A Cog 18kt Gold Variety Band $545
R1067C White Diamond 18kt Gold Tiara Band $1355

Persepolis Stack

The finest elements of ancient culture converge in our Persepolis Stack.

From top:

ION014 Paraiba Tourmaline and Platinum Eternity Band SOLD
RR1217 Diamond 22kt Gold Anjelica Band $2350
RC475 Persian Turquoise 18kt Gold Be Mine Ring SOLD
RR0102 Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band $2100
ION017 Emerald Platinum Eternity Band $2475
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2160

Ottoman Stack

The Sultanate of Women (1520-1650) was a time of empowerment for high-ranking women of the Ottoman Empire...the ornate, luxurious, and colorful attire of the time would've been a perfect fit for our vibrant stack, rank notwithstanding!

From top:

RR1230 Knife Edge 18kt Gold Band $385
ION79 Black Diamond and Platinum Eternity Band $1350
RC474 Andradite Garnet and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring $4600
GEARA52 ARA Oxidized Silver and 24kt Gold Ruby Band $900
RC460 Bi-Color Sapphire 18kt Gold Coil Band SOLD

Bombay High Rise

Living large with attitude! The Bombay High Rise is a glorious combination of sparkle and color in 18kt white gold, platinum, 18kt yellow gold and 22kt yellow gold.

From top:

ON019 Fat Diamond Platinum Eternity Band $5400
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1900
RC391S Bombay Sapphire and Diamond 22kt Gold Ring SOLD
RR0102 Sapphire 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1990
R1052a-1 White Diamond 18kt White Gold Vesta Band $2965

Tower of Power

An over-the-top stack for the very long-fingered, the Tower of Power has it all. Opals, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds in a combination of 18kt gold, 22kt gold, and 24kt gold...a combination that brings to mind the glory of the Renaissance.

From top:

R1226 Venetian Tide 22kt Gold Granulated Band $1495
RC420 Black Opal 22kt Gold Ring SOLD
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2800
RR0102-2a Ruby 18kt Gold Eternity Band $1990
R1053 Diamond 18kt Gold Venus Band $2260
GEARA41 Emerald 22kt Gold Band SOLD
R1052A Diamond 18kt Gold Vesta Band $2800
RR1223 Yellow Diamond 18kt White Gold Eternity Band SOLD
R1035f Ruby 18kt Gold Circle of Wreaths $1485

Please inquire for prices and availability.

Wedding Rings

Etruscan Treasures Rings

Simple and elegant, these 18kt yellow gold bands can be set with a multitude of stones. This duo is shown with purple sapphires and brown diamonds.

The Etruscan Treasures Ring is identical in style to Venus II except five stones are set on top of the band instead of all the way around.

Size 9 and above, please call for pricing.

Serpentine Coil Band

Our Serpentine Coil Band is shown with a .48 ct. rose cut diamond. It stacks beautifully and also works well as a stand alone. The coils of the ring are adorned with little white diamonds and gold beads.

Current size: 6.75

Shown with diamond baguette band. (NA)

Double Eagle Talon Rings

A striking reminder of the natural world, the 18kt gold Double Eagle Talon Ring will hold you in its fierce embrace.
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