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Amy Bertelli

Amy Bertelli

After inheriting The Golden Eye from her mentor, Norah Pierson, Amy embarked upon her role as the primary jewelry designer. Since 2007 she has honored the jewelry gallery’s founder while forging a path of her own. Her love of colored gemstones informs her designs. Amy considers herself a “midwife” for the materials. Her remarkable Power Pendant Series, including the Sugilite Baroque, Astarte, and Soul’s Compass Pendants, conveys the power, depth, and restorative authority of the Divine Feminine.

“I can always tell when I get the right combination of stones. They tell me when something is missing or when I have it right. Likewise, the decision to use 18kt gold or the warmer look of 22kt gold is dictated by the piece itself. My job is mostly to listen.”

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Hand made of high karat gold in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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